Tuesday, October 18

N is for......What's New in the nesbitt household!.

No, it is not the latest creature in Dr Who! This was some spare pastry I cooked for the hens - except I forgot it was in the oven and by the time I remembered it was burnt! Yes, as with the Aga, the Rayburn's flu goes straight into the chimney so all smells and fumes are not detectable...some things never change!

last week several aired disappointment and no kitchen updates. The only thing to report is our drawer organisers arrived, so Jon fit them on Sunday when we returned from Grosmont railway events.

I have tried out a couple of NEW recipes - a strawberry victoria sandwich and a freezer roll. The strawberry recipe is a pretty standard one and the freezer roll is basically mine. I sorted out the freezer and came across some frozen burgers, meatballs and a haggis. I have cooked all 3 and made 3 different types of "rolls". We wont be having and BBQ's until next year so I have used the basic meat mixtures for winter warming snacks. All the meat from the burgers etc is all from our local butchers so I was determined to put it to good use.

I have coffee with my neighbours regularly, this afternoon I will take over the above little sample to Rowena, and have a coffee.

N is for nesting box - this photo I took only a few minutes ago, of Margie settling down to lay an egg. The girls continue to supply us with fantastic eggs.

So a small update on what's going on here. The weather has definitely turned colder and over the next few days it will be all hands on deck to get the garden ready for winter......brrrrrr!

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  1. That first picture was NASTY! and a bit scary...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. The burn pastry made for a lovely picture. Quite artistic, in fact. I like your drawer organisers - so easy to keep clean too.

  3. I think the drawer organizers are exciting - it makes everything seem a little cleaner!

  4. I thought the burnt pastry was a half cooked piece of meat and I was about to say *Hey you do realise that I'm a vegetarian and that *meat* looks disgusting!*

    Love the fact that your hen has the same name as me! She is a little sweetie in that bowl.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Glad the kitchen is progressing, even if slowly. Drawer organizers can really help maintain a person's sanity.
    Always love to hear updates on your hens, too.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I echo what everyone has to say about the first photo here!! But the last two are magnificent especially the delicious looking sample for the tea party!!

  7. Quite a picture, that first one. A much tastier one later, though :-)

  8. Oh, I love haggis when most don't! I try to cook it every January for Robbie Burns Day. Your kitchen is looking beautiful!


  9. They are predicting snow this week! I'm thinking about becoming a migrant that flys south for the summer.

    PS thanks for the extremely supportive comment on my blog. Luckily, I come from a family of teachers and they all swung into action upon hearing the news.

  10. glad you explained what that was in the first photo as I would never have figured out it would be pastry......

    Glad there is some progress on the kitchen.

    Gill in Canada

  11. Very elegaant drawer organizers, and I love your sweet little hen, - also her eggs.....

  12. Yes, some of us are in need of kitchen updates! Love the drawer organizers. They look very indestructible! I gather the hens turned down your pastry concoction! Interesting that the Rayburn vents so well that you cannot detect something being overcooked!

  13. I wish you hadn't mentioned getting the garden ready for winter, something I've been trying not to think about.

    But I don't recall you mentioning that you'd met Desmond Tutu!

  14. Wish I lived near enough to pop round for coffee - that strawberry sponge looked irresistable. Know all about forgetting things in the Aga - I have had several lots of totally carbonised apricots over the years.

  15. I thought it was fried liver in your first picture, lol ! Never thought about chicken food. Btw they have a nice place for laying eggs !
    I am still waiting for your kitchen soap to continue, now each time I go into my kitchen I have suspicious looks to see if I don't have to change something ! Your fault !

  16. I was confused for a moment, trying to work out why you were cooking a cow pat. :o)

  17. If we couldn't smell burning food we'd never eat anything! I like your drawer organisers - very smart:-)

  18. That burnt pastry wasn't even fit for the hens! Gross photo, D!
    The rest were very nice.....
    ABC Wednesday Team

  19. you had me wondering with the first photo - gross...

  20. Yum, Victoria Sandwich. My friend's Dad it (who was from England), and called it Victoria sponge. My grandmother called it Martha Washington cake when I was a child in Newfoundland. All very similar cakes.

  21. Love the drawer organizers. I'd probably just leave everything right there - keep it from getting messed up. Your cooking looks wonderful, except for the top image!

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