Sunday, October 30

Today's tootling over the moors!

This afternoon we tootled over to visit our pals Jill and Phil.

The hens were having a good scrat about the field.

It was a lovely crisp autumnal afternoon.

We drove onto Whitby for fish and chips!

Back to the diet tomorrow!


  1. English fish & chips, yum! I can dream.
    I'm on a bland diet which doesn't include vinegar, so I don't know WHAT I'll do with fish & chips when I visit England.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Such light- beautiful! Just as lovely as the new template!

  3. PS
    Gorgeous photos, Denise. I was so stricken by "fish & chips" I forgot to say you have some gorgeous scenery there.

  4. Oh my gosh, Denise! I'm crying with envy at how beautiful your area is! Of course, you'd probably do the same were you to visit me here, what with our mountains, oceans, and all. But truly, I can hardly wait to come visit!

  5. Beautiful photos and scenery and fish and chips thrown in. Great!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. I love the little house with the rotunda!

  7. Lovely photos Mrs Denise but how dare you visit me then go get fish and chips without asking me to join you,how very rude,LOL Love Jill xx

  8. WOW !
    Wonderful photos but the 8th one is for me by far the best, perfect color and composition !

    Fish and Chips... Oh My Goodness I am dieing here. Now that is all I want to eat.

    Do your Chickens ever cross the road ?
    Hahahahahah... but really that edge looks quite close to the road. @_@

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Kay
    When are coming? Whitby is THE place to visit!

    Will send you details of the templ;ate - really easy to do - if I can do it anybody can!
    30 October 2011 19:23

    Kay P.S.
    Thanks xxx

    Not long now eh?

    Maggie May
    Fish and chips - best in ages!

    Knew you would! On the road from Grosmont to Staithes.

    Will do next time eh?

    Not yet! lol!

  10. Fabulous scenery and fabulous photos Denise.:)

  11. Thanks Pearl - dull today!!! Glad we went out yesterday.

  12. That looks like a perfect tootle around and I can just imagine the taste of those Fish & Chips Yumm!!

  13. Our sunday tootle went in the opposite direction Denise, so at least we didn't pass on the moors this time. Super photo of Whitby.

  14. Pleased to see that the weather is offering tootling opportunities ~ what gorgeous photos :) Your kitchen is looking clean, bright and inviting.

  15. A lovely breath of air, and the spirits lifted by the sky

  16. What a lovely day out. Brilliant photographs as well. I especially like the one with the lone couple. I've never been to Whitby but always wanted to go. I even thought of moving there at one time but that was based on people's descriptions rather than a personal visit.

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment... much appreciated.
    Your photographs are stunning.. such a wonderful part of the country. And fish and chips in Whitby! It does not get any better :) Abby

  18. Beautiful day for a tootle! Nice empty roads in your part of the world, too:-)


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