Saturday, October 29

In for the Night - Try again!

The clocks are set to go back tonight - a few minutes ago Jon was chopping up some more logs to store until next year at the earliest. The hens were having their supper of warm rice mixed with their corn.

This is log store number 2 - now full. This was the original henhouse which was built 2 years ago.

Inside the current henhouse I notice Bev is not laying every day - her eggs are blue, but she lays every other day - really pleased that the cold weather has not stopped them laying - yet!- The hens noticed more logs invading their space! Wouldn't you love to know what they were saying and thinking?

Here Mabel and Bev are examining the latest logs! The henhouse is now full of logs - well allowing room for the hens that is! lol!

Each night when I lock them safe I notice the sleeping order is the same - margie always sleeps next to the door, then Ernest the cockerel, Mabel (his sweetheart), Olwyn and Eva  May and lastly Bev next to the logs,just settling in for the night.

They sleep next to the window - all secure and with a deep warm layer of woodshavings.

Meanwhile - back at the range the logs piled up for the cold night ahead! Yes, Autumn is here - hence my tootling with my blog - that's what happens when you visit a friend for lunch! Thanks for the inspiration Jill!


  1. Thats ok Denise,thank you for your help xx

  2. Love the photos especially the one where the hens are looking at the logs.
    So let me get this straight, the new hen house is filled with logs and the old hen house is sorta filled with logs and chickens ? ? ?
    sorry to be so dense but I'm confused
    That said I'm not confused about your new blog look.... very nice, looks like fall. I love any colors of blue and brown together a perfect combination.
    My car is the color of you right side-bar, a Robbin Egg Blue so beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Gee, it sounds like you're settling in for a wild and wicked winter! lol But I'm sure everyone is going to be very cosy. :D

  4. PS: Love your new background here!

  5. I notice OUR sleeping order is always the same too - HE is next to window, I am next to door.

    Love the new look.

    weekend blessings - enjoy the extra hour!

  6. Sounds as though you are well set up:-)

  7. Very rustic post today and I really did enjoy reading about the hens and the logs.
    I imagine them muttering..... *Where are the matches Mabel? Its cold in here.*

    The Raeburn looks as though it is really a cosy addition to anyone's kitchen.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Glad the hens are warm and cosy. It's funny how animals really love a sense of order, but humans think they must go out of their comfort level. I wonder who is the wisest. I also wonder if the hens are looking at those logs and wondering if one day they will be a bit too warm -- such as Christmas dinner warm ! :)
    Your new look is lovely. Where DO you find the time!

  9. All that wood will make for a toasty warm winter. I often wish we had a fireplace, but when I did have one, I rarely used it, so I guess it is just as well. Have a great weekend!

  10. I bet the smell of wood is powerful... I love that smell. I also like your new blog look.

  11. our woodburner is on every day now, love the smell of burning wood.....

    Gill in Canada

  12. There's something comforting about a huge pile of logs!

    Liking the new autumn look. :)

  13. Love the new look! You serve WARM rice and corn to the hens? Never mind blue, they should be laying you gold eggs for that.

  14. That last picture makes me feel warm and cosy.


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