Saturday, February 26

Change of plan!

Yesterday we had a drive over to our local Aga Dealer, in Malton, and had a long look at the colours. The cornflower blue has been replaced by a powder blue which didn't do anything for either of us. Navy blue was a possiblility and would have fitted in with the house colour - ie we live in an ex-police house which has navy blue garage doors and guttering, but we felt it was too dark for the kitchen. I was keen on a black one but again too dark. In the end we decided to stay with cream!

The curtains which I am using for the theme throughout the downstairs of the house have a cream background so I will use this as an inspiration for the kitchen cour scheme - so duck egg blue could still feature.

The Aga will be replaced once the weather improves and our current Aga isn't in use. This will be part exchanged, refurbished and sold on by the dealer. The new Aga will be much more efficient as it will have an electronic timer. The Aga Intelligent Management System (AIMS)

The Aga Intelligent Management System (AIMS) is a sophisticated program, which allows you to adjust the output of your Aga to suit your way of life using a remote-control handset. In short, it means that your Aga can sleep when you sleep and only operate at normal power when you need it.

The AIMS program offers you:

· Ultimate flexibility
· Day/Month/Year selection
· Two pre-set active periods each day
· Holiday mode
· Override feature

What can AIMS do for you?

Using the pre-set mode, your 13-amp electric Aga will:
· Cook breakfast in the morning at normal temperature
· Drop to a low temperature during the day
· Return to normal temperature to cook dinner
· Enter slumber mode at the end of the day

Should you go on holiday, the system can also program your Aga to:
· Remain on the lowest energy setting or switch off
· Automatically restart in time for your arrival home

In addition, the holiday mode allows for full day/month/year selection to allow for longer holidays and any program setting. Any program setting can also be easily overridden by the simple pressing of a button on the Aga itself.

I currently have a seperate electric cooker which I use in the summer, but this will be sold as the AIMS system will allow the Aga to be used instead!

Am getting excited now!


  1. I really like the cream coloured Aga. I suspect this will enable you to used much more blue in the decoration than you would have with the blue Aga. I can't wait to see it finished. :)

  2. Thanks Pearl - yes I love it too - Jon said it has become part of the kitchen. I can't wait either - am raring to go! The kitchen table and chairs, alongwith the units will be painted but not sure what colour. One possiblity is cream - same as the Aga but coloured wooden knobs! So many possiblities - you may have a cup of tea here one day you never know!

  3. I think the cream Aga is lovely - v envious! I think cream will allow you to bring other colours in, with coloured crockery, furnishings, etc. We had no mains gas at our previous cottage - we had oil, and a LPG cooker. Your elec option, with all the fancy programs!, is a good choice! Exciting! We love our new kitchen - it's worked out really well - esp the French doors onto the garden - opened them yesterday in the sun - magic! Have a good weekend! Abby x

  4. Vintage - yes the programs sound very high tech - that will be Jon's department I am ashamed to say! lol! We have no mains gas either and the price of oil has gone through the roof.We will have more control of the new Aga and the efficiency will be measured.We are hopefully having french doors too - ooooooh! Bring it on!

  5. Isn't is disappointing when manufacturers change colours? It is surprising how adaptable we can be - certainly the cream will allow you to change your colour scheme more easily in the future if you so choose:-)

  6. cream I think will be easier to clean; not that we want to have to think of THAT yet.

  7. jabblog

    Yes - colours come and go - as Jon said "You know where you stand with cream!" lol!


    lol! Yes - will be easier to crean will have to have a nice soft duster for it eh?

  8. Oh! AGA envy! Ever since cooking on one in a cottage on Lundy, I've always wanted one...still I can dream!

    Sandie xx

  9. Sandie - we got our current Aga 20 years ago, secondhand for £500. We should get that back - so after 20 years it was money well spent. There are a few second hand ones around. They need a flu/chimney and a concrete plinth to stand on. Our current one is also plumbed into the hotwater system and heats a radiator.

  10. I liked the blue, but love the cream. It goes very well with the curtain fabric.

  11. BJ

    Yes it does - am just matching shades of cream to paint the units. The black granite tops will match the black top of the Aga.

  12. A cream Aga is a classic and will look splendid! Love teh sound of the AIMS system...

  13. Tattie

    Yes the AIMS system sounds very technical and modern - I suppose the Aga had to be updated!

  14. You're excited! Heck, I'm excited!
    Jane x

  15. Jane - you really do make me laugh! I wish you lived closer - I'd invite you round for a drink - a very LARGE drink! lol!

  16. The blue is lovely, but the cream is much more practical. It will enable you to change your colourscheme and not have to consider it, and also add colour here and there with accessories which don't have to be matched up to it. Your kitchen is going to be perfect.

  17. Jo

    The more I think about this the more I agree - yes cream is much more practical and will go with any colour scheme/trend. I made a vow NOT to have any magnolia so cream is acceptable lol but I will have a pastel colour somewhere - possibly paint the table and chairs a duck egg blue or sage green.

  18. I like the choice of cream Denise and it will go with anything.

  19. Wow the new Aga system sounds amazing. I've always wanted an Aga, maybe on day! In answer to your question about felting. I wash the jumper at 40c cotton wash, with a 1200 spin. This shrunk it beyond ever being worn again. So I re-washed it at 90c & 1200c spin, just to finish the job off properly. I've since read here ( that you shouldn't spin it because it may stretch it. The jumper I used was 80% lambs wool 20% Nylon. But the higher the wool content the better the result. Hope you have fun with it. :)

  20. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    The bag is the first thing I've knitted out of carriers and I suspect it will be the last! It was very slow going even by my standards.

  21. I miss cooking with one of these. Anyway, you chose a beauty! Good luck with it.

  22. I liked the blue but Cream is classic, and from what you say will suit your house well.


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