Sunday, February 27

Weekend wandering!

We were out on Aga business today. We thought we had it all sorted really.......we would trade in our current Aga for a reconditioned electric one! Then...................I was doodling about on the laptop and I came across an Aga dealer offering a brand new one at a competative price - so competative it was cheaper than a reconditioned one! We decided to have a drive to Catterick and have a close look at a reconditioned one.
Whilst we were out that way we popped in to see Pat and The Farmer for a coffee! What a lovely day we had. Jon and the Farmer were having a deep discussion about Agas - at one point Jon was on the floor with his head practically inside the Aga! Pat and I were enthusing about the joys of chicken keeping (see Pat's chickens above)

I have the feeling we will we popping in again! Pat and the farmer live so near to a popular biking road we use often and it always nice to know a place where we can stop and warm up!
Yes a great weekend!
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  1. I love those unexpected adventures that lead to such simple pleasures :-)

  2. Ah, decisions, decisions!!
    I smiled at your first photo - the black hen looks as if she's wondering how to get the food from the bird feeder :-)

  3. I must admit that I had to Google what "Aga business" might be and settled for a gas-stove and not a historic site not far from here :-)
    But green lawns!!!

    PS I'm sorry I have had to drop out of ABC - at least for a while.

  4. Talk about an "Aga-saga" LOL nothing like thorough research before parting with large amounts of cash!

  5. I see Agas on the BBC Canada home shows, that I LOVE! (Escape to the Country, Fantasy Homes by the Sea) But even some Brits don't want an Aga as they appear to be so complicated. But I love how you described your new electric one and how you can set it according to how you want. I love the cream and this way you'll get to use the blue as highlights in the kitchen. It's going to look fab! :D

  6. I see everything is beginning to green up very nicely over there.

  7. KLo
    Absolutely! A lovely, unexpected visit - such a lovely day.

    wondering how to get the food from the bird feeder - a good one!

    No worries re ABC - you have joined in for nearly 4 years - I think you deserve a rest. You know where we are xx

  8. Kath
    Correct - even now I am wheeling and dealing! There is room for negotiation apparantly! Buyers market!

    Indeed - it is a good Jon is an engineer - he does all the fiddling on, the humping coal acrosss the kitchen in all weathers - and the modifications on the damper - by the time you come here the new one will be fitted and you can warm yourself up and have a cuppa!

    Chris -
    Yes - Spring is here! (whispering)

  9. It just shows that it's definitely worth shopping around. Sounds like you had a lovely day out.

  10. Jo
    Definately - on both counts. Yes the Aga business is turning into its own saga - will let it rest for a while. My head is full! lol!

  11. Thankyou for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I had an Aga for a short time and then we moved house again just as I was getting used to it. I like the fabric for your new curtains and your hens look so lovely settling down for the night. I do sell my work sometimes and the landscapes will be £60 each.

  12. A new Aga cheaper than a reconditioned one has got to be the best deal eh?

  13. How lovely to meet like minds.

    I love the idea of an aga but really i'm very happy with my rangemaster. Although I do love the idea of sitting next to an Aga on a cold day with my feet up, a cup of tea and a book.


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