Monday, December 26

Boxing Day

Warning - I received a new camera for Christmas - photograph overload coming this way!

A brisk start to our day!


  1. Great photos. Love the beach on winter days. We were at Seaton Carew yesterday as we spent Christmas in Billingham with my daughter son in law and Jaco the Jack Russell. ( and 3 no 4 cats as Tia came with us)

  2. Great photos. Love when big dogs run and all you see I one leg #9
    What I have to learn is an easier way to take the photos from my phone to my computer to picasa to my blog. Such a hassele.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wonderful shots in a glorious location - keep on shooting!

  4. Great shots of the dawgies, They are well cared for and enjoy
    lots of walkies, gallops even! See Bing go when he breaks into
    a gallop.
    Love Di xxx


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