Monday, January 2

You can’t go wrong with an egg.

I like egg in a sandwich – I have done all my life,
I don’t have a bread preference – I can take a bun or a slice.
The egg has got to be a fresh one – preferably free range
As we keep our own chickens – anything else would just be strange.
The eggs must be hard boiled – using the 3 minute rule
You see I like them just so – and I am nobody’s fool.
Generally I just chop them with a touch of mayonnaise
I may even add chives but not cress – that was just a daft phase.
Ham is another choice – tinned salmon for a special occasion

But you can’t go wrong with an egg – for an every day sensation!

1 comment:

  1. You egg sandwich looks wonderful. I love eggs any way you can cook them.
    Mine are store bought though.
    But your egg looks more softer boiled in the photo to me ?

    Happy Happy New Year. It is the year of the Roster !
    cheers, parsnip


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