Thursday, December 1

December 1 - Update.

Bev continues to raise the chicks - well not really chicks any more. When the dust settled and we saw the bigger picture - the 6 chicks she hatched - 4 were cockerels and 2 were hens. We knew the consequences and set to looking for homes for the cockerels. The first rehoming happened a couple of weeks ago. I was in the farm shop and a lady on route to Sheffield had just rehomed some hens - so she would have a cockerel. Long story but there you go.

last weekend  two more cockerels were rehomed in a local allotment and are happily settling in.

From the word go I knew we were keeping the white cockerel - he seemed to form a bond with Bev.

I've named him Barry - ie Barry White...but as Jon pointed out Barry White was Black...all the more reason why the name Barry is a good choice.

Village activities continue to buzz along - watch this space!


  1. Nice to see you blogging again Denise. That's the trouble with raising chicks from eggs - there are always so many cockerels and hardly anyone wants one as they just encourage the hens to go broody.

  2. Lovely to hear your news!
    Glad the hens/cockerels are doing well.
    Maggie x

  3. I would have kept Barry also. He is so handsome !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Lovely looking cockerel! makes you wonder what colour combinations of black and white the chicks will be, you won't be able to tell them apart lol! xxx


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