Wednesday, January 27


After another cupboard sorted, another bag of tat for the tip and another bag of clothes for the charity shop cleared out I am having a tea break....with a friend!


  1. He/she looks very strokeable. How do the cat and dog get on together? I love the addition of that little bell to warn birds off.

  2. That cat looks very strokeable. How do the cat and dog get along together? I love the addition of that pretty little bell to warn the birds off.

  3. She (Puss) is very strokeable Pat and loves to be tickled. The dogs get along very well with her too. Yes the bells - 2 in fact as I felt a hypocrite feeding the birds then watching her stalk the table. Haven't come across any dead birds since - all is good we are hoping!

  4. What a beautiful cat. Is this the little one you found in the outdoor fireplace ?
    I love that she poses so sweetly on a sofa to bring out the colors or her eyes.
    You now must use this color everywhere in your home.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. The very same Parsnip. Yes the colours are throughout the house. Dxx

  5. So beautiful! Our cat wears a bell too and hardly ever catches a bird, but it doesn't stop her catching mice - she's an expert mouser!


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