Friday, January 15


This time last week.......

Today. All signs of the hooks ever being there have been well and truly removed.
I am planning on hanging a mirror here.

This was then.......


                This is now - not a leopard print effect - 
            just prepared ready for the next stage


The wall to the right as you enter from the patio....

No excuse for not using this space.
The hooks are within my reach - as is the shelf.

The horrible ceiling....

Is now ready for the first coat on Monday.

So we lost the old lights........fancying some bling!

Watch this space!


  1. Wow this is looking so wonderful.
    Can not wait to see more.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Looking good. I'm looking forward to see the finished result.

  3. I love seeing DIY projects! Looking good so far!

  4. It's going to look great. I love my porch, it's a great space for storing things out of the way.


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