Monday, January 18

A dog, a porch and an icon.

B is for BEACH
We live very near to the beach and make a point of taking our dogs every day.
We like to go at 10 o'clock when we know our friends will be there but if the tide is in there's no beach for the dogs to run - which they love.
At the moment the tide is out around 4pm - I take endless photographs but yesterday I tried to capture the dogs in action. Sadie left and BING on the right.

Whilst this photograph is slightly BLURRED I feel it captured the essence of the moment.

B is for BASE coat. The decorating is moving on and what a difference a few days has made.
The BULBS will be replaced with a bit of BLING!

B is for BARGAIN.
Whilst the room is going to be a grey colour on the only larger wall I wanted a mirror.
Initially I wanted a full length one but as our local hardware shop is having a sale - this one at £12 was just the ticket.

B is for BOWIE.
 I was a fan of David Bowie. Like many people I was saddened last week at the news of his death.
At college between the ages of 16 and 18 a lot of my friends went to a local pub to the college. 
One of our neighbours was a barmaid and would have told my parents if I was drinking in there ie underage, so I didn't - choosing to save my pocket money for records - L.P's. 
The joy of listening to an entire album was always exciting AND I had something to show for my money. Hunky Dory was a particular favourite. My favourite track was "Life on Mars."

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B is also for BACK to the Porch!


  1. Great pictures at the beach. I saw david Bowie in London when I was almost 14. It was an afternoon music thing put on by the pirate radio station radio London. Had now idea how big he would become but he stood out in his white suit even then. Little Sevi Wonder was on the same bill.

    Thank you for the comments you posted on my blog. I don’t have an email address to send you a private thanks.

  2. I wish there was a beach close by where I could take Tegan. She gets so muddy at the park and I end up having to hose her off before coming home. Sadie and Bing look like they're having such a grand time! Your renos are coming along splendidly and for 12 pounds that's really is a bargain mirror. I did the intro this week and included David Bowie in it - I think you'll appreciate it.

    abcw team

  3. I wish we lived close to the beach, Archie loves it there but has to make do with a few trips a year. Very sad news about David Bowie, and of course Alan Rickman who died just a few days later.

  4. Wonderful photo's but also an entry wich tells about the most important thing in the world... love.

    Sadly enough i don't live near a beach... but i'm sure my dogs would like it just as much as yours do.

    Have a nice abc-day/-week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)

  5. Love the beach picture - what fun for dogs and humans...

  6. Love your photos of the dogs on the beach. The blurry photo I'm impressed with ow well your renos are coming along! shows motion and I think that;s a good thing!

  7. Lovely series of photos for B ~ my favorite is the beach and the dogs! of course ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  8. I love the beach shots! Especially the B-lurred one. Nice action there. Thanks, Amy

  9. Your dogs look like they are in heaven romping on the beach. It's nice you live so close.

  10. Nothing like a romp on the beach! Love it.

  11. I won Hunky Dory from a radio contest at my college!


  12. My little one just loves the beach; even suggested to shift there. :)
    Those pics are lovely and it must be real fun living near a beach.

  13. Would love to live close to the sea ! Yes it's very sad that David Bowie died at such a young age (I am 2 years older)

    ABC Wednesday Team

  14. I always wanted to live near the beach. Lovely pictures

  15. It must be fantastic to have a beach nearby for the dogs. Our young Dottie had a whale of a time in the snow and we can't wait to get her to some sand dunes.

  16. It's good to see the dogs running on the beach!

  17. What a nice B's specially the one from the beach. Lucky you and lucky dogs. Love the moving dog in the photo.

  18. Such beautiful dogs!

    Lps at 32/-? Singles at 6/8d? I'm probably older than you!

  19. the beach shots are great..we love visting the beach too


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