Monday, July 27

Catching Up

A few months ago one of the girls from Slimming world asked me to organise her wedding stationery. The theme was blue - to match the bridesmaid's dresses. The order was quite a big one re numbers - this is what I came up with.

I added embelishments ie "Wedding Invitation" but you get the gist.
RSVP's and addressed envelopes included.

I know a lot of money can be made from weddings so I suggested I helped her with the reception flowers. I incorporated the table numbers - there were 14 tables in all. Total spent on flowers £35. The blue carnations were artificial - but when placed amongst the real flowers it difficult to tell them apart.

The seating plan - individual table details attached to the decorative heart I keep for resources - last time I used it was for our silver wedding celebration back in 2013.

I had a few bits and bobs floating about which I added to the postbox. As Joanne and John had been living together for a while they really had everything they needed - so contributions towards a honeymoon were requested.

I enjoyed creating the invitations etc. and one of the guests has made an appointment regarding her own wedding stationery etc so it will be another large commission. Whilst the wedding itself is a few months away by agreeing a theme early on makes the job more manageable, The seating plan is always the last thing I do as changes can take place right up to the last minute. I find it quite rude of people to leave the bride and groom hanging on before they let them know if they are attending, this is why I use a design that is easily managed.

I have also been busy with a lady's 90th birthday invitations. 20 in all, but she wanted something special - she loved the butterfly idea I often use.

Needless to say we didn't include "Wedding Invitation" - just leaving the front blank. The customer loved the invitations which is all that matters.

Whenever I do a wedding commission I order extra materials - which tend to mount up so once in a while I have a good clear out and pass the surplus materials over to people I know - an effort to cut down on clutter!

ABC Wednesday - Catching up and clutter issues!


  1. Just like the wedding I went to yesterday! My Sister made our cards to give, plus some matching gift envelopes to put the money in.
    Looks like you have a steady business going there!xxx

  2. You certainly have been busy, Denise!

    abcw team

  3. Yet another eye catching
    creation from the very talented Mrs Nesbitt. I rather like the Butterfly motif as well,
    lovely work Denise.
    I wish I could catch up on all the clutter we have amassed here!

    love Di.

    ABCW team.

    PS hope you and John are coping with the loss of your lovely hen Bev, thinking about you xxx

  4. How lovely! You did a super job!


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