Monday, August 3


I often share the fact that I LOVE these curtains - they hang in the snug and lounge.

In fact I used the colours to inspire the decoration of the downstairs of the house.

I think the downstairs is pretty much sorted - save a touch of touching up in the porch and the inevitable de-clutter of tat which creeps in when we are sleeping. Reading other blogs the word
de-clutter does seem to crop up on many occasions, together with downsizing and recycling.
We have lived in our house now for 24 years - the amount of possessions we have between us
is quite a huge amount. Jon's workshop is a mile up the road and whilst he has a large shed and garage at his disposal here, he also has a workshop where for 21 years he has collected a large collection of machinery and tools for all aspects of the business.

One day we will downsize but the project needs to be organised - long, medium  and short term plans need establishing and become part of our day to day living.

Any suggestions?


  1. The idea of decluttering is scary Denise - for me at any rate. When I moved in with the farmer (our wedding anniversary 22years in a fortnight) I did a bit of a declutter and again when I moved from next door to here, the farmhouse. My biggest declutter would be the books - of which is have an awful lot - but I shall leave it for somebody to do when I have popped my clogs.

  2. I can’t help I am afraid. I have a house full of stuff collected over the years. I can’t bear to part with any of it. Most of it has sentimental value and none of it is worth much in a monetry sense. Downsizing and de-cluttering are words I hate but I can handling the recycling as long as it isn’t something I would rather keep.
    Your downstairs looks lovely by the way :)

  3. I set myself a goal this year to donate 1000 things from our house. I started by dividing this by 12 and aiming for 85 or so each month, but have managed to achieve the goal in 7 months, as once you get started it gets quite addictive. I did also have some help from my daughter who has also decluttered lots of her belongings this year. I try to just do a bit here and there when the fancy takes me. A cupboard, a drawer, a wardrobe, a storage bag. I often go back over the same place and find more that I am later willing to let go of. There's still so much more to do, but I'm now starting to see a big difference in the house, as things aren't rammed in cupboards and don't fall out on me when I open them and there is actually some space in some places, which makes me strangely happy. Good luck with your decluttering. Setting yourself small realistic goals really helps, as does reading lots of blog posts about the subject which give me inspiration and motivation.

  4. I am currently in the process of de-cluttering as I'm planning a move. There's nothing like having to move that makes you clean up cupboards, discard things you don't use anymore, and generally box things up. So if you feel the need to de-clutter, just pretend you're having an estate agent over to appraise your home! That'll get anyone going! Have a great day, Denise!

  5. Forget downsizing, stay in the home you love! xxx

  6. My Grandmother uses to say.... every once and a while... your house should burn down to the ground.... Quit rigorlesly but no cluther ;-)

    We moved house almost 8 years ago... and after spending 19 years in that house we had a huge amount of things.. i gave some away, i sold something and the rest went to a secondhand-store... moving house can be something good ;-)

  7. No, I need to declutter too, but one needs a partner who has the same storage patterns as yourself.


  8. Decluttering gives a new look to the place. Pays for the pain and struggle we put to clear the attics and spaces.

  9. De-cluttering ! What a nightmare !

    ABC Wednesday Team

  10. Decluttering is good; but we should live with things around us that we enjoy, especially if they have some family meaning.

    Great for ABC Wednesday!


  11. The Husband's dad was a rat pack. He wasn't worried about decluttering and that when he was gone, oh well. When we went through his stuff, he had several decades worth of 3x5 cards full of his notes. 15 years later we still have boxes of his clutter. haha
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  12. Good for you Denise!!!! I've been trying to do the same for several years. I LOVE those shower curtains with built in hooks.

  13. This is an ambition I've been nursing for a long time now - of decluttering my house. I am a complete hoarder and hate getting rid of stuff. I once tried the '40 bags 40 days' challenge where you get rid of a bag of stuff each day for 40 days but gave up midway. Sigh! Need to have another go at it.

  14. Here's the lost link
    however...the lost plot is nowhere to be found!
    Jane x

  15. Hi Denise, couldn't find your e-mail, so I will leave mine here and maybe you can delete the comment afterwards? (Re- going private).
    Hope you are both ok? Thought of you and hubby on saturday as we (my Sister and I) passed through Matlock Bath in Derbyshire, a Bikers' Mecca!xx


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