Sunday, July 19

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We returnrd from our holiday on June 14th and I have no idea where the time has gone. What with the business, coffee mornings and wedding/birthday commissions I don't seem to have had a minute!

Anyway I am back now and catching up!

ABC Wednesday Round 17.


  1. Well fancy that . I was just wondering yesterday where you were. Nice to see you back. :)

  2. And it is lovely to have you back. Don't forget if you are out for a tootle in our area at any time do call in for a cuppa. By the way, did your blue hardy geraniums grow that I gave you last year? I do hope so.

  3. Nice to have you back. I look forward to your posts.

  4. welcome back, fab photo. Amanda x

  5. Nice to see you back, I wondered where you were.


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