Sunday, June 15

Time out!

I was away when we were up to U on ABC Wednesday and by the time V came round I was up to my eyes with 'stuff'. Having suffered with Anxiety in the past I am doing my utmost to deal with the tell tale signs that are knocking on my door. Some days I do well - other days I fail miserably.



  1. What a refreshing picture. I was feeling a little depressed about my health and lack of energy, but it's like my eyes could fall right into the petals. Thank you and {hug}.

  2. I so understand !
    Take some time off and relax.

    The Square ones send woofs !
    cheers, parsnip

  3. So sorry about this Denise - and I was thinking of you on the IOM having a wonderful time. Keep strong.

  4. I went through this for many years and then went to only my happy places always and gave it away to a greater power I'd say over and over You take it until finally I just concentrated on living I'm not a youngster so I want to love every moment give it away //put in a jar or just say it Eventually it will kick in

  5. Hope you will feel less stressed soon. That is a gorgeous photo - very cheerful.

  6. Oh!
    Take care Denise,
    You do seem to have a very busy life, so, it's good to take 'time out' sometimes, and relax and chill!
    Take care,
    love Di.xx

  7. Oh dear....... Hope the anxiety isn't caused by anything too serious.
    I'm afraid that I'm a sufferer of this condition too.
    Hugs....Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  8. Enjoy your time out. We all need a break from blogging from time to time just to keep on track in our lives.

  9. My mum is dealing with crippling anxiety at the moment so I know how awful it can be. Hope you feel better soon! x

  10. We miss your pithy content. Hope you feel better. RX

  11. Beautiful!

    I can't imagine you suffering with depression! Take great care and don't let it get a hold on you. xx and woofs from George.

  12. Just dropping by to say a cheery hello. .Hello.xx
    Hope Bing Sadie, Henny pennies, Catface and not forgetting Jon and yourself,
    are well, missing you on-line.
    love di.xx


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