Wednesday, May 28

Terrific Tomato Pasta.

We go to the Isle of Man on Friday for the TT Races, my ABC Wednesday contribution is a little late as we have been so busy, but as with all of my contributions for this round I wanted to share something that had been a success here in the Nesbitt household, cheap and something I would cook again.

Planning meals is an essential part of my losing weight, together with regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle. I walk the dogs every day, attend a Zumba fitness class once a week as well as a total toning session. This is a manageable activity programme for me. I enjoy the beach walk - every morning, it sets me up for the day. A group of us are there, everyday and whilst the dogs play, run and exercise together, we pass the time chatting and walking - discussing everything from The Archers, Menus, the price of potato crisps in Asda and what jobs are on the list today. I also enjoy my Zumba and Toning classes - simply because the instructor is an inspiration - hilarious yet the results happen.

Often I plan my daily meals whilst out walking but there are times when I find myself unprepared or at a loose end as what to cook for dinner. These are dangerous times in a diet as becausesuch things happen when I am hungry it is so easy to reach for something which may be instant and filling but not a good choice for the diet. I have got a jacket potato down to 10 minutes in a microwave - 10 minutes is a good time to chop up a salad and get a decent filling together. Whilst this suits me Jon prefers a more substantial choice and that is where Bachelor's pasta Sauces come in!

I can get a Bolognese from start to finish in a matter of 15 minutes. Basically I boil 3/4pt of water and pour over the sauce mix. Microwave for 15 mins. Meanwhils in a pan frylight onions, mince (optional) peppers, mushrooms, chopped celery and any other veg floating around. When pasta is cooked stir into pan and add lots more chopped tomato and spring onion. It makes TONS and is TERRIFIC so so so TASTY! Now frylight have a garlic seasoned spray I often spray some thinly sliced French bread with thefrylight and pop into the oven for a couple of minutes - sprinkle parmesan on for a kick!

Sitting here writing this has made me so hungry - this is an ideal supper  for tonight - there will be enough for tomorrow night and it is an ideal way to use up anything lurking in the fridge!

Tata for now!

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  1. "Dangerous times in a diet" I think every dieter can relate to this! It's good to have the go-to list of quick meals to prepare in a pinch. It's interesting that as I read your cooking instructions my brain creates the aroma of all the ingredients you describe - I can just smell all those lovely veggies frying right now!

  2. I bet those morning walks by the beach are so amazing :x

  3. I shall soon have a complete menu plan from your blog Denise.
    I shall look out for you on Friday as I am going through Wensleydale to meet friends in Kirby

  4. Don't think we can find that in the US.

  5. My freezer always contains frozen 100% pure Charolais beef burgers. Fry one of these (100gms) in plenty of olive oil and garlic, break up as it fries. Add a soup spoon-full of tomato puree, a good splash of red wine, a teaspoon of capers, plenty of black olives, some dried herbs, and half a chicken stock cube. I do it with my eyes closed. It feeds two, and takes less than your 10 mins. Dee-lish-ous.

  6. I cooked a Bolognese sauce today for 6 hours! x

  7. Will look out for the pasta sauce as I love pasta dishes.
    And that quiche in the last post looks delicious too. I always come away from your blog with watering mouth!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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