Tuesday, November 5

Q is for Quandry.

Okay - so the new carpet and walls are going to be what next? Well the window on the landing needs curtains - so I came across a bargain on ebay. Jane Churchill remnant - sufficient for just what we need.


Love the colours.
Hall/landing stairs sorted then....what about our bedroom?
Blank canvas is fine but no ideas....then whilst I was on the computer a pair of curtains popped up on ebay with minutes to go to the end of the auction.
With 1 minute to go I put my cheeky bid in within the last 30 seconds and won!

They have been dispatched and will be arriving any day!

Watch this space!
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  1. Oh Denise! When you're all finished, I must travel over just to see how you've transformed your lovely home! Also, to finally meet Bing and have another cuppa! Hugs!

    abcw team

  2. Love the fabric, - serendipity!

  3. Lovely !
    I forgot in my last comment to mention loved the photo that had just the top of the Gud Dug peeking in it.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Beautiful fabric and I like the color combo.
    Can't wait to see the new curtains.

  5. I like the fabric a lot. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  6. You'll decide well, Denise.

  7. Well done! The fabric is very lovely. Love the delicate colouring.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  8. Hi Denise! Finally can I answer your comment ! I tried to do so by means of your little "duck" but in vain:I got no access.
    You wrote that you had been in Assen and I can remember this, for we spoke on the phone. It was a pity we couldn't meet. For me last month it was the first time I actually was in Assen. I like the place!
    Have a nice week!

  9. Oh yes, and I like your curtains!

  10. I love those muted colours. We are about to begin some mammoth decorating over here - so far I have come up with grey - but a soft coffee / grey and probably throughout to which we will add different accent colours in each room. What a transformation in your hallway hoping ours goes as well - I may be popping in and out of your blog for some tips!

  11. Good for you to win the bid. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought. I really like the blue/grey leaves.

  12. Love that print... Understated and warm.

  13. Such lovely fabric and well done on winning the auction.

  14. Seems that fortune favours the last finger on the button Denise - hope you like them when they arrive.

  15. We have a friend that loves ebay shopping. I've done a bit with Craigslist, but never ebay. - Margy

  16. Ebay can be a very good place to find just the perfect item. You did really good Denise.


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