Wednesday, May 8

The Garden

We have been busy in the garden of late. Whilst we have managed to have a great weekend out tootling on the motorbike we have also put some hours into the garden. I have rambled on many occasions about how I often feel overawed by the sheer scale of the garden I have been looking through some previous projects we have undertaken and feel quite enlightened.

This was the dry stone wall many years ago. I spent an entire summer pulling out the grass and weeds.
Even then, although the succulents I planted brought lovely colours and interest to the wall, the surface area was a constant weeding project. The field on the other side of the fence is where the horses graze and pop their heads we can not plant anything which could cause them harm....
So last year we did this.

Just spotted a weed below!

Looking onto the front lawn the bulbs we planted are coming through - I can see a lawn edging afternoon is on the cards.

Again here - the Euphorbia needs some tall flowers amongst the vivid greens.

We have been busy clearing another area in the front lawn - this will be turfed with a small bulb interest around the base of the trees. We are not sure what the trees are but they are a popular spot for the bird food and are just opposite the snug window.


At the side of the house, overlooking the paddock we have removed old shrubs and again this area will be turfed - linking the garden to the paddock. This is where we sit on an evening - a sun trap.

At the bottom of the garden - an old tree root Jon winched out. The hedge has been cut back and will grow thicker.

The hens love to roam freely - the pond is another project. Originally for the geese, now we have no geese we want to do some work on the pond area.

The bonfire increases in size by the minute.

This was the back shrubbery a couple of years ago...

Now cleared and awaiting turf.

Whist out on the motorbike we spotted this garden clock in a sale.....

The area at the base of the cherry tree wants digging out again for bulb interest.

So whilst I see there is lots to do I feel  more relaxed and organised when I see the progress we have made.


  1. Wonderful post today !
    So much work but it all looks so lovely.

    I rather like the way the tree, grass and flowering hedge looks in the last photo. I don't know if you need more bulbs ? But I must admit the chickens make the view so much better.
    Love the way the chickens are walking towards you all in a line from the pond photo, they are a hoot !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Loved the dry stone walling ...... especially the flowers looking so comfortable in among the stones.
    Love the blue picket fence.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  3. I enjoyed seeing your garden and I love your clock!

  4. I'm exhausted just looking at the pics!

  5. Work in a garden is never done is it Denise.

  6. This is so encouraging, especially the area which you've covered with the small slate, because we have an area under a row of trees in our front garden that is in dire need of renovation. I see that there are trees behind your stones - do you find it a problem when the leaves fall? I ask because at present we have bark on that area which the wind blows off and the blackbirds chuck out onto the grass and we were thinking that if we had stones there the leaves could be a problem - I hope all this makes sense!!

    Our garden is quite large too and getting to be out of control - and we're not the best gardeners in the world - quite the opposite :) We have an circular flower bed that the nettles and ground elder are invading and I'm thinking that would be better turfed as well.

  7. it all looks so wonderful, Denise! You've done a fine job!

  8. It's good to remind yourselves of what you've achieved.

  9. A garden is an ongoing project, it doesn't matter what work has been put in, or how big or small the garden is, there's always something else which needs doing. You've got a lovely garden, it must give you a lot of pleasure when you sit outside and admire it.

  10. I've enjoyed your garden tour. So many interesting spots.

  11. Love the euphorbias against that blue fence.. and your wonderful clock. It's all looking great Denise!

  12. The first photo reminded me of those 'sack' people you can buy and you water their heads to make the grass grow like hair!! A lot of hard work, but it is looking good.

  13. Beautiful surroundings!
    I know it's a lot of work and you have to pace yourself, but yes, the satisfaction is evident too.
    Chickens are great!


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