Sunday, May 26

Sod's Law!

Every year something happens just before we go away. Whilst I am blessed with a technically minded, nay gifted engineer he has a day job.....a very important day job as he earns the pennies  by running his own engineering business. Last year he informed his customers he would be away for a week in June and they asked him to do work on various projects before we left......basically he has been busy ever since. Last week he told the same customers our plans and exactly the same thing has happened. Jon likes to keep Thursday free to get the motorbike ready, take the animals to their accommodation and sort the house it looks as though he will be working right up until then. Even as I sit here on a lovely Sunday morning Jon is at the workshop. Tomorrow is a bank holiday - again Jon will most probably be at the workshop.
Yesterday as I emptied the dishwasher I felt a drop of water fall on my head. Looking up to the ceiling it was obvious all was not well. The bathroom is directly above the kitchen and to my horror I discovered the floor around the toilet was soaking wet. After various flushing of the toilet the dripping stopped but not entirely. We have put some newspaper down so we can monitor the drippings, but who needs this at this precise time?
As luck would have it we are having a new bathroom fitted on June 24th so we are winging it until then!


  1. Called sod's law Denise. Have a lovely time on the I O M. We really must meet up on your return.

  2. Hope you manage to hold on until the new bathroom's fitted. It's Sod's Law that things happen at the most inappropriate times. My oven once conked out on Christmas Eve. Have a lovely holiday.

  3. Yes...... Sod's Law has a lot to answer for!
    Hoping the newspaper will catch everything and that nothing major happens. Very worrying just before a holiday.
    My husband & son were/are both in the building trade , so I know only too well about all the overtime and jobs that *just have to be put first!* You have my sympathy!
    Hope you have a good time away.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. You have my sympathy; a leaking bathroom floor may spell disaster.
    Drive carefully - I have seen movies ...

  5. Oh, I know that dripping water feeling when you need to look up,but don't want to!
    Hope the toilet holds least you won't be using it for a week!
    Jane x

  6. Hope it gets fixed 'at your own convenience' - allow for 'time of in loo'- and then you will be flushed with success.

    can't keep up these awful puns
    hoping all is sorted out soon and have a good holiday!! x

  7. Will you turn the water off so the leak doesn't get bigger while your gone ?
    Why does this always happen.
    Family from Japan came for a visit and the short story is huge monsoon storm ripped a crack in the roof right above their bathroom, It was like a waterfall water everywhere. What a mess for two days till we got it patched, later fixed.
    Murphy's Law !
    Love the packing comment on my blog... I think a washing machines is a must on trips.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Oh no!
    Winging it or wringing it?

  9. Oh no! It's good to have 2 toilets just in case...maybe build a little hut outside? lol

  10. What a pain in the... well, you know!

  11. There's always something isn't there, sod's law indeed.

  12. I remember the first summer in our last house, the roof started leaking. We were due to go on holiday, so we put a tall kitchen bin under the leak and arranged for our friend Bernard to come and empty it if it rained :-D

  13. Oh oh! Hope you can keep your legs crossed until 24th then!


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