Friday, May 3


We have a new addition to the ever increasing machines and engines to the Nesbitt collection.....a sit on lawn mower. Jon has been after another one for a while and has been putting this through its paces.

Notice the patio weeds - this is a job which drives me up the wall. A good radio programme takes my mind away from the monotony  of the task in hand and I am happy to say I have now obliterated and dandelions for the moment thanks to an old steak knife - very therapeutic in removal of roots. The hens peck between the patio slabs so any chemical weedkiller is a no no.

It would appear that Bing is very much an outdoor animal. He is quite content to be in the garden with us. Fetching his ball, stick or log throughout the afternoons....then sleeping away on an evening. We do chain him up when we are working in the garden - for the safety of the hens which seem to fascinate him - they are laying wonderful eggs at the moment, regular too, so we don't want any disturbances there thank you.

Jon has been working really hard in the garden - pulling up old trees and pruning hedges and shrubs back. We are making changes to the garden - a wayward shrubbery has been pruned and more turf will be put down.....more turf = more mowing on the new mower!

Freida is a great role model in the garden and Bing is happy to follow her example.

It will be interesting to see how the garden develops over the next few weeks - it has been great to be outside, making the most of the good weather.


  1. The last couple of days have been wonderful, haven't they? We waited long enough.

    Glad to see Bing is happy in the garden. Our youngest dog, Bertie, enjoys being outside too and follows Barry everywhere.

  2. I shall not mention this post to the farmer as I rather think he would like a sit on mower too! It has been great to be outside this week hasn't it, although today there is a sharp unpleasant wind blowing and it is not so nice. Are you coming over to the Food and Drink Festival?

  3. I love my mower! Mine? Well yes, in the summer. I very kindly allow Chris to have it in the winter when it becomes a snowblower.
    Jane x

  4. We collect machinery and engines here too. The more bells and whistles the better. If it makes electronic peeping noises too then Mike is truly in seventh heaven. I only wish our lawn was big enough for a sit upon...

  5. I would love to have a sit on mower but my little patch of grass for the dogs it so tiny.
    I bought a small electric mower for quick touch ups between the gardeners visit. It is bright red and very cute but nothing like a sit on mower. le sigh

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I think I'll have to mow the lawn this weekend.

  7. We bought a lawnmower when we moved into the house. My husband used it three times, but it is now 12 years old, having been unused for 11 years. Instead, we've had a series of "lawn guys" with various degrees of skill and entertainment. One tried to show my then-5-year-old nephew how to slug back a large glass of water without swallowing until I put a stop to that. I could just imagine the little fella learning how to drown while standing up.
    Bing looks so happy in the garden with Freida. I wish our Lindy had company outside, someone to run and play with. She's happiest when the dogs across the lane are out, and they exchange greetings from one gate to the other.
    I love Bing's big fluffy mane. He's still SO cute, even if he's almost grown up.

  8. Lorne has been busy making our lawn the best on the block. lol He loves gardening and is outside whenever he can be. Bing sure is BIG now!

  9. Good to see the garden in the sunshine, I hope Jon enjoys his new machine. I will look forward to seeing your improvements.


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