Sunday, July 8

Addictive Text!

Having read the entire Rebecca Shaw collection I have now moved on to another series again set in a typical English village. . This is the first of the Lois Meade crime sleuth series. Lois runs a cleaning business and is in an ideal position to observe on what goes on in the village - handy if a murder occurs!

Each book manages to introduce the following one in a way that is quite addictive and very tempting!
The weather continues to be quite naff so with Jon pottering in the shed I am continuing with "Weeping on Wednesday" whilst "Secret's on Saturday" will have to wait until I have read Theft on Thursday and Fear on Friday.

Watch this space!


  1. Just love it when you find a series of books you just can't put down a bit like chocolate with no calories!!!

  2. I presume that as well as the Malpas ones, you have also read RS's Barleybridge series? I just read Country Lovers - if you've not had that one yet, would be happy to post it to you!
    I am currently trying out Agatha Raisin, having heard some on Radio 4 Extra. Not 100% sure about them yet.

    weekend blessings xx

  3. I haven't come across Ann Purser. I'll see if the library has her books.

  4. So if I hated Rebecca Shaw then I should probably avoid this one too?

  5. I shall look out for these in the library. I am enjoying watching Murder She Wrote on ITV3 at present so I should enjoy the Ann Purser books.

  6. I am afraid it is reading weather Denise - it is about all we can do.
    David, like Jon, can potter in the shed all day.

  7. They sound good, I'll look out for them. I've got two series on the go at the moment, The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, and Gervase Phinn's Dales series.

  8. I love British murder mysteries...the authors do such a great job of creating suspense with a bit of grizliness (not like the Americans who bathe in the grossness). I loved Lynda LaPlante's series! Have you read those?


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