Friday, July 27

A late afternoon walk on the beach.

Every Friday I take my MIL shopping for the weekly groceries. We vary where we shop taking in whichever shops have the best offers. It was such a glorious day - on the whole, so after a long session Freida and I made our way to the nearest beach - only 5 minutes away.

As ever, Freida made friends - always so gentle with any dogs she meets.

A glorious hour well spent - think we'll do it all again tomorrow morning - weather permitting!


  1. Two beach walks on my blogger reader today... I am so envious.
    What a beautiful walk you had today. Love the green hills and stone fence.
    I use to live in Laguna Beach and I so miss the Pacific Ocean.

    Have a lovely weekend !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. We really must find that beach Denise. Friends went to Sandsend last week and you couldn't put a pin between people on the beach.

  3. Beautiful and to think I'll be seeing the sea from your side very soon now! Excitement abounds...Leslie


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