Tuesday, May 8


This morning I was really pleased to see the hens  enjoying a dustbath together. From the picture I worked out that all of the hens were together with Ernest. From time to time they seem to isolate one member of the group, often Bev the black one, but all seems well and they are producing 7 eggs a day.


We have had a great bank holiday weekend and managed to get out on the motorbike most days. As ever, Jon returned back to work today and the weather is glorious.

Yesterday he managed to get the lawns cut. We have  had  so much rain of late it was impossible to cut the lawns so this was a great relief.

I am preparing for a Wedding Fayre this Sunday so am very busy. Jill is coming along so I am sure there will be lots to share next time. Right now I need to keep my head down and get creating!

Once the Wedding Fayre is over it will be time to start the serious preparations for the Isle of Man!
We leave for the TT on Friday June 1st!

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  1. We've been desperate to cut our lawns too, managed it today. Hope the Wedding Fayre goes well.

  2. lovely to see your hens enjoying the sunshine, i must say i have just been looking at your past post with all the pics of yorkshire, you have some wonderful pics there, i do like the one with the sheep in the shelter x x

  3. Oh my, as the days lengthen and we see the sun more often, I'm getting so wired at the thought that in a bit over 3 months I'll be THERE!!! Whoopee! I have now adopted the British expression "bliss" for when I like something! :D

  4. I imagine it's not very quiet on those bikes of yours!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Love the picture at the top of your blog!
    Hope the creativity is flowing for you today
    Sarah xx

  6. It sounds like a glorious week. Enjoy!

  7. It must be good to have chicken in the backyard!

    Q is for...
    Have a beautiful day.

  8. All your hens seem quite happy to be quiet. Have a wonderful sunny day.

  9. You definitely are one busy Lady. Have fun at your wedding Faire.
    I like the picture of your Quiet hens having a dust bath. 7 eggs a day!! That's Quite an accomplishment.

  10. I love to see hens having a dust bath and yours look lovely. It just invites you to sit and watch, doesn't it?
    Great pic of bike and biker too! :)

    Have fun at the TT!

  11. A busy time for you but a great holiday to look forward to. I hope all went well with your wedding fayre.

  12. I have tractor envy!!!! Have a great wedding fayre, I'm sure you'll have lots of orders x

  13. I wish you a lovely and especially quiet weekend. We are having rai n every day and hope to have at least some sunshine on Sunday.


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