Saturday, May 12

Hens in the Sun Today!


Always makes me realise how hens should live!
We are getting 3 more girls to join the brood.
Need to do some research - I THINK it is best to introduce them when it is dark!

Watch this space.
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  1. Who is the black beauty?
    Jane x

    1. Her name is Bev Jane and she lays blue eggs. She also chooses to sleep on top of the pile of logs in the henhouse.

  2. Oh that is a lovely post. Love the black one, especially.
    Good luck with the newcomers. I expect they will soon find their pecking order.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. Well Maggie we are planning the arrival of the new hens on Monday evening. They belong to my Sister in Law, but circumstances meant they were looking for a new home - SIL will be able to visit them whenever, so it wont be so bad for her as she thinks the world of them. 3 more eggs a day for us!

  3. Great photos, the chickens are so pretty. I love that Bev Jane lays blue eggss.
    Will there be lots of pecking going on till they all get to be friend ?
    What do you do with all the eggs ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I, too, am wondering about all those eggs! You'll turn into a chicken yourself if you two eat that many each day! :D

  5. Just look at those two old chooks sitting there like they are having a good old gossip session!

  6. Ooh! Can't wait to see your new arrivals!
    You have to play Santa and deliver them under cover of darkness, which should be fun ;) Hope the introductions go well!

  7. What a happy brood, they are living as nature intended Denise - it's a good life!


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