Monday, September 6

Business and Pleasure!


Monday morning – another week of fun in the Nesbitt Household! Breakfast for the hens – layers pellets, grit, oats and their favourite which is just cooking right now – rice! They tend to prefer rice with their meals now – ruined! I enjoy Monday morning especially after a good weekend which we certainly had!

It is that time of the year when many people have to start thinking of the C word! Butchers are amongst this group as C time is big business. I am sure you have noticed “Join our Christmas Club” notices in many butchers – a way to start saving up for the inevitable feeding of the 5,000 over the holiday period. One very popular item is the large pork pie – at Christmas they are made for special orders, 1lb, 2lb and gala sizes. As you know hubby Jon is a tool and mould maker and now is the time for the butchers to place any orders with him, in time for the Christmas demand.

Contacting and keeping in touch with our customers is my job and on Friday I spoke with new customers in Ingleton, a village in the Yorkshire Dales and one of our favourite routes. Incidentally it is this very route which we use when we make our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man each June, so what better excuse to call in yesterday.


We stopped for a picnic about 6 miles from Ingleton near Ribblesdale viaduct.




I took the picture below as the group of bikes looked really colourful against the blue sky.


In Ingleton once we had spoken with the butcher we had a cup of tea and a huge cake. We shared the cakes, Jon went for a huge strawberry creamcake and I chose a vanilla slice. Really one would have been quite enough shared, but no we had to indulge! It wasn’t a wise choice considering the route home! No sooner had we got back onto the motorbike and began to wind our way round the roads home did I feel a little green around the gills! Fortunately the feeling soon disappeared as I concentrated on the route home. We always like to return home via a different route so we came home via Skipton, Harrogate, Thirsk, Helmesley and over Blakey Moor – one of my favourites!



Ralph’s Cross – I know we are nearly home when we pass this!

A great day – 200 miles in all!

For more Monday macro shots visit here


  1. once in a while it good to mix biz and pleasure, isn't it?


  2. Oh there are christmas cards on display in our Oxfam shop and I spotted mince pies in Morrissons today. They must be christmas stock as there is holly on the packaging!
    Whats the story behind Ralphs cross?

  3. Kath
    Young Ralph stands tall at a junction of roads near Rosedale Head. It has been well known since 1974
    as being the symbol of the North York Moors National Park

    It dates back to 1200AD but the present cross is probably 18th Century - before then there are records showing it was
    made of wood at some time. The present stone cross has had to be repaired several times

    One tale tells of a poor traveller who died from exhaustion entirely penniless. He was found by a
    local farmer from Danby called Ralph who decided to erect a cross at the place he found him as a guide for future travellers

    By tradition there are often a few coins to be found on top of the cross as well as on many others on the moors.
    (Sounds a good place for Jon to try out his metal detector! lol)

  4. How fascinating! Thankyou for sharing x

  5. Those pictures are beautiful...!

    Ah, yes, the C word.

    Jingle bells ... jingle bells ... :-)

  6. Beautiful photos of great scenery. Those cakes sounded good.
    The other c word (not cake) is getting into full swing here too with fabrics and spices aplenty this week!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  7. Love your macro shot. Very neat.

  8. Oh for a pork pie!! -- with chutney and pickled beets. That would be great for supper tonight along with some Smith's crisps. Instead of which we have left over tuna casserole, which is actually nicer than it sounds. I make it with cheese soup. Nothing from scratch. I'm not a cook.
    Your views of the dales and moors are beautiful.

  9. Hey there bonny lass, you made a certain lad's day this morning with that gorgeous postcard you sent him from Ingleton (hugs). It sure does look beautiful there. Sorry you didn't make the Manx Grand Prix races, but it wasn't a good one, with sadly two fatalities, and another in intensive care (shudder). Sam is your biggest fan, thank you for being so thoughtful hon, I can't tell you how thrilled he was to hear from you! We look forward to seeing you both again when the TT rolls round. ((x))

  10. Oh, talking of pies, I'm busy trying to bake and preserve our harvest of apples, plums and blackbedrries right now - just made some apple pies today, some to eat, some to freeze - I'll save you some jam for when you're next over!


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