Tuesday, July 6


Y is for Y - fronts!

Far left...can you see them?

This is what our back garden looks like as we speak and in fact most mornings really as I must confess I love washing our laundry and seeing it hanging out to dry in the breeze, nothing compares!

If you look closely you will see I hang the socks out in pairs, then as they dry I pair them up and they go straight into the sock drawer. From time to time socks will go amiss so rather than waste time searching I have a large bag I drop them into and will have socks re-united moment where I find partners for all the lonely socks I have! Strange, quirky, odd but true.

The second picture tells a story! Just off the picture is another of Jon'e work T-shirts so there are 3 in all on the line. so this tells me Jon did 3 sessions in the workshop. This doesn't necessarily mean he did 3 days as sometimes he may change his shirts if they are gruby, as is often the case.

The other two T-shirts tell me that we have been out on the motorbike on at least 2 occasions over the past few days. This is the case as we went to Whitby last Thursday night and to Scarborough on Saturday. The T-shirts also tell another story! If you look closely wou will see that they are both dated - TT Road Races 2008 and Mad Sunday 2010! Yes we bought the Tshirts when we went to the isle of Mann TT Races in both those years. We went in 2009 too and indeed have the T-shirts but Jon didn't pick them out on these occasions. Each year we go over to the Isle of Man there is always an abundance of TT merchandise to buy and we always buy the T-shirts. Whenever we go out on the motorbike Jon always wears a TT Tshirt - they are definately amongst his favourites and he has 5 so there is always a clean supply on the off chance we get out on the motorbike!

My world as I always say is a simple, contented world and having the hum of the washing machine ringing in my ears first thing each morning is part of the everyday life here in the Nesbitt household!


by Ruth Moose

All our life so much laundry;
each day’s doing or not comes clean,
flows off and away to blend with other sins of this world.
Each day begins in new skin,
blessed by the elements charged
to take us out again to do or undo what’s been assigned.
From socks to shirts the selves we shed lift off the line
as if they own a life apart from the one we offer.
There is joy in clean laundry.
All is forgiven in water, sun and air.
We offer our day’s deeds to the blue-eyed sky,
with soap and prayer,
our arms up, then lowered in supplication.

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It is 1.30pm and comments are disappearing somehow! I have had several comments made as I received e-mail notification yet they are not appearing here! I even left a comment myself but although initially published it too has disappeared...any thoughts?


  1. Very clever "Y"! Hmm That's funny. I see all socks on the line otherwise. Is a spontaneous "donator to the cause" standing nakey in the bushes, by chance? LOL!

  2. Love the socks pictures, that looks too funny ! I first thought I was in Italy ! lol !

  3. I love summer because I can hang my washing out on the line. There's nothing like the smell of bedding when it's been dried outside is there?

    I hang socks out in pairs too but I always hang them from the ankle not the toe so that the breeze can blow inside. :)

  4. excellent post, i must tell and show this to my wife.

  5. It seems many people have had Blogger-problems - I hope the disappear. Maybe into bag of socks? :-)

  6. I thought my comment didn't meet your rigorous quality rules. ;)

  7. Ah, I am not the only one with comment problems.

    I love how other people hang up their laundry. Although I always think my mom's way (ie my way) is best. And did I spot some Y-fronts? Seeing as it is week Y!

  8. I've been having comment problems since yesterday. It's cleared up a little, but not completely. Wish someone would get their act together!
    Love your post for the day and your laundry line and the sock bag! How fun! Have a great week, Denise!


  9. Oh, laundry!! Love your sock bag.
    And oh, blogger! I have had the same issue today, no idea what it's happening...

    ABC Wed: Y

  10. I hope this comment goes through! I love the sight of laundry hanging on the line. But, after years and years of hanging laundry for a family of 8 while growing up, I don't miss hanging it!

  11. Y fronts - inspired choice! Your line of washing looks great - I do that with pairs of socks too! A

  12. dunno about the missing comments - says you've got 1 but I can see 11 so this'll mak a dozen - amazing how socks go missing in the laundry - t-shirts are always a good souvenir buy i always think.

  13. I think blogger is having a missing comment day, I have seen others complain about it too!

    Washing blowing in the wind is quite therapeutic to watch.

  14. I have a theory about the missing comments.(It happened to me also). It is the end of a busy holiday weekend here in the States, so many people don't blog as much. Then as the weekend disappears, everyone floods blogspot with comments and it just takes time to get them all posted. Just a theory.

  15. I see all your comments are there when I clicked to leave mine.
    My blog shows I only have 6 comments. When I opened them up I actually had 16, so who knows what is going on....
    Love your Y socks on the line and the laundry poem. Great stuff Denise.

  16. love the unusual take!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  17. Your new layout looks so nice! Very clean and fresh! I love laundry hanging on a line. It always makes me feel like I am at home :)

  18. You're so organized when it comes to laundry! And the little piglets in the post below are adorable.

  19. I make it a point to hang socks in pairs too, but of course I don't have a yard or garden to hang my laundry like you. Most of us stayed in high-rise building, so the laundry are hanged on bamboo poles just outside our window. I don't have dryer at home, don't need them as we it's always sunny and windy here.

  20. Seems some of the comments are going through but not all of them. Blogger sure can be fickle.

  21. I used to hang clothes outside but no longer do. It was enjoyable in the summer, not so much fun in the winter.
    I noticed the comments missing as well - strange.

  22. Um, yeah. About those Y-fronts...

  23. 8 comments retreived from blogger

    The Weaver of Grass said...

    A woman after my own heart, Denise - I too love pegging the washing out to blow in the breeze - I think we are maybe a bit old-fashioned but I don't care - nothing compares with the fresh air smell of bringing them in to iron (and yes, I do that too.)
    6 July 2010 01:25
    SandyCarlson said...

    Your world is a lot of fun. I agree there is nothing like line-dried laundry. I love the story behind what's on the lines!
    6 July 2010 01:56
    jabblog said...

    I love hanging out the washing too but I hang socks in pairs the other way up and all marching in the same direction! Odds go into a drawer and are sorted into pairs when the right moment presents itself.
    6 July 2010 03:48
    MorningAJ said...

    There is nothing at all strange about hanging socks in pairs and having a bag to keep the singletons in. Doesn't everyone? (-;
    I bet you turn dark colours inside out so they don't fade in the sun, as well.
    Maybe it's a Yorkshire thing!
    6 July 2010 04:06
    tpals said...

    I used to hang socks up by the toes too until the day I put one on that a wasp had decided to shelter inside!
    6 July 2010 04:26
    ChrisJ said...

    Thanks for your kind words, Denise. Who'd have thought of doing a blog about laundrey, but it does tend to tell the story of our lives.
    6 July 2010 05:00
    mrsnesbitt said...

    I don't seem to be able to read my comments yet I know there have been some as I saw them on my e-mail notification! Hmmm!
    6 July 2010 05:23
    ksdoolittle said...

    Just blogger being blogger.

  24. Disappearing comments:

  25. This is a lovely post. I know exactly what you mean about the hanging out laundry, I love doing that too although I don't hang out socks and undies. I don't know why because we live in the middle of nowhere but it's just something I never did when I lived in the towns.

    CJ xx

  26. It takes so much patience to hang each one of those socks.

  27. Awww, what a welcome in here, to see the TT shirts out there on the line (grin). You'd soon get over your love of laundry Denise, if you you had four teenager's and a hubby to wash and sort for, believe it! I finally went on strike a couple of years back and handed the ironing over to hubby (my eldest does his own, as does Beccy). He claims he doesn't mind too much, 'cos at least I leave him in peace to watch his beloved sports channels (wink). But it's the hated sock and pant sorting that drives me nuts, how the hell do I know what belongs to who, when they are all the same bloomin' size?

  28. I am late with my blog reading! I had the same comment problem the other day - got the comments via email but they didn't appear on my blog. Suddenly they did appear, so think it was just Blogger having a hissy fit.

    I adore watching washing on the line, flapping away in the breeze, I thought I was perhaps alone in my secret satisfaction about this.

    oh and we are bikers.....well it is a long story, for another time.

    Green Jeannie x

  29. I have a special box that I put all the socks in. Everyone has to dig theirs out.

  30. There've been some varying comment problems lately and this is one that has been reported.. Blogger is aware of it and trying to pinpoint the cause.

    You do have a spam one up there in Asian script which you might want to delete.


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