Thursday, July 29

It’s almost Friday! Time for fun!

Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.

Here is mine for this week!

The door was open and they peered into the darkness, alone.

Transfixed by what lay before them they remained silent and still,

still as statues.

One of them would have to go in first –

to lead the way –

to show no fear.

They did not move.

“You first” said Eva!

and they entered mummy’s shed!


One of my garden projects is to reclaim my garden shed. It has been home to the geese for 19 years and now the geese are gone I have cleared it out, ready for turning it into my own little potting shed. I put some shelving into it, as you can see but it just doesn’t look right – the shelving belongs back in the greenhouse. When we demolished the old garden shed we had a good supply of wood which I am going to recycle into shelving and work benches – should be fun!

I have been working on our grass verge today:-


It is quite an intensive job as it is about 120’ in length!


It is made up of vatious established plants.


I even found some brambles – which I wont be digging out!



This was so lovely – again I could not pull it out!


Any gardening tasks though back breaking are rewarding and I know a hot bath will be just what I need after a busy day!


  1. LOL cheeky chickens! Smashing 55 Mrs D.

  2. That little shed looks like a perfect hidey hole for a busy woman Denise - Get the emulsion paint out and curtains at the window.

  3. I am sure there are some brambles at the bottom of my garden too. That last flower looks just perfect :-)

  4. Omigosh, Denise, you make me laugh ...

    ... right out loud...!

  5. Your 55 is so cute! Adore it! And especially love the last photo of that magnificent flower!

  6. Well, those chickens certainly weren't chicken :-)

  7. smiles. fun 55...who you calling chicken?

  8. Chickens, hurrah, Gardening, horrors of horrors! my garden! Just a fun 55 today!

  9. Looks like your garden shed may have some new tenants!

    Thanks for visiting my 55 homage to Glastonbury Abbey. It was the whole Avalon myth (?) that captured my fancy there. There are still so many people who are somewhat invested in that, as well as all the books and movies on the subject, so it was fascinating to be there.

  10. Enjoyable 55 words. ;) It has been so hot here, I don't think I could tackle that garden project. Looks like lots of sweat to me. Love the last flower. A real beauty.

  11. Your Flash 55 set me giggling - well done!
    You certainly have your work cut out with your hedge. I know you can tell the age of a hedge by the number of different trees in it but I can't remember the algorithm - is it 10 years per tree or 100 or some other number? (Full of useless, unfinished information, I am ;-})
    How are Bev and Mabel progressing? Are china eggs for broody hens not used any more? Too heartless, maybe.

  12. Ours have just started laying again after a three weeks or so off, they lay according to how much light there is so after the summer solstice they naturally wind down a bit...hmmm, I feel like that now nd we're only halfway through harvest! A good tale, Mrs. N, you should write a book!
    Lv MrsGH.

  13. hi, not sure what happened but l thought its abc C this week....have i got it wrong, the dates are al over the posted B on sat 24th so thought it was late...
    out me right mrs...

    btw your comment link leads to your old blog....

    thanks for dropping by...and its funny as l couldnt be less northern if l tried, l am fro kent and live in cumbria and am actually french and english LOL!! what a mix....


    have alovely weekend..

    saz x

  14. Who said curiosity was exclusive to cats never had chickens. Great 55.

  15. hahahaha, i what a great 55 to go with that first picture. thanks for the chuckle!

  16. First of all...Thank you My Dear for your very kind words.
    Secondly...Your story was cool, and your pix were AWESOME!!
    Loved your 55!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  17. creepy 55, I feel a sign of relief when I see the image in the end...
    lovely piece of writing, the last image is stunning!

  18. that is so clever what is the camera excellent pics sandy


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