Monday, July 12

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DSCN0718 The Bike, Saturday afternoon at Thornton le Dale

Another full weekend as it was the annual Cock of the North Races at Scarborough. Saturday was a real scorcher, too hot to be on the motorbike but we did manage a blast to Scarborough and then on to Thornton le dale for an icecream.


This picture is not a particularly quality one but it does capture the moment Ryan Farquer took the checked flag when he won the race. We have got to know Ryan over the years and he is always so approachable and friendly. A special friend of ours over in the Isle of Man celebrated his 17th birthday last week so we bought a Cock of the North T-Shirt and Ryan signed it. Notice the way he took so much time and effort to make sure it was a nice neat autograph. One of his team, Ray held it so no creases occurred!


It all seems so far away from today now that the regular routine kicks into action and that means the quiet dog on the settee opposite, snoozing away, will shortly be howling with excitement when I pick up her lead and take her for a walk up the lane where currently the honeysuckle is in full bloom. The early morning perfume they produce is second to none!


This a macro shot for Monday! Over the next few weeks our morning walks will be the topic for my Monday macro shots – all practice with my new camera!

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  1. I know what that is like...'practicing with a new camera'. I've had mine for about 6 months maybe, and I'm STILL practicing. Lovely photo.

    Macro Monday Parrot Do stop by if you can find time today.

  2. That's pretty nice macro shot and the yellow flower looks stunning. Nice try with your new camera.

  3. That shot of Olivers Mount brought back memories. My Dad was a St John man and we spent many a hot summer weekend (and a few cold wet ones) by the hairpin bend waiting for him to need to do his first aid stuff.

    That was a while ago! :-)

  4. What a great and thoughtful gift for a 17 year old! :)

    Love the photos Mrs N.

  5. That's a tee-shirt he'll never wear - very thoughtful gift :-)
    I agree with you about the honeysuckle. We have several in the garden and the scent is wonderful - it compensates for being up and about just after dawn most days. (Dogs, don't you just love them?)

  6. Looks like such a great time...and that honeysuckle is just gorgeous!

  7. We have a honeysuckle like that in our pasture hedge Denise - funny how they only really smell strongly early in the morning, isn't it?

    How are you doing with the printer?
    Do ring me for a chat again - enjoyed talking to you last time.

  8. Honeysuckle! One of my favorite blossoms.

  9. There is a certain little 17yr old (it's okay, it's fine with me to mention he has special needs, and that this will mean the world to him) on the Isle of Man who instanly recognised the guy holding that shirt (to soon be his) as well as the hero, who is signing it! And Alelamalu is wrong, he WILL be wearing it - hopefully on Thursday, when he goes to watch Ryan race again - if Ryan spots him, he'll be sure to say a big "Hi" to him, from you! (Grin)

  10. Oh! I forgot to say, I bought a honeysuckle plant for Al, on Father's day, to plant up outside his office (as you know, his office has a separate entrance from the house), so every time he opens up, he can enjoy it's scent - it's beautiful, isn't it?

  11. That looks like such a fun weekend :-)

  12. Well, I have learned something today...I thought that honeysuckle was particular to the Southern US!
    I LOVE it - the bloom and the fragrance, but am unfortunately allergic to it. Not so allergic, though, that I've chopped down those honeysuckle bushes which encircle my backyard!

  13. I just love Scarborough, have so many lovely memories, from a few years back now.

    Husband's company did a lot of work on the sea front there, about 6 years ago, so we had many trips down that way.

    We stayed one time in Biedebecks!

    We have loads and loads of wild honeysuckle here in Scotland.

    G J

  14. Ooooooh, it's arrived, it's arrived! Sam met the postie at the gate, he was so excited (Sam, not the postie, although come to think of it, he might also have been, 'cos he knows Sam and he knew he'd been waiting for it)!!

    Okay, I'm rambling now, aren't I? (Grin)

    Thank you soooo much, Denise, you have no idea how happy you've made him - and he LOVED his card you sent, too. You're a star ((x))!

  15. What a nice man. And, yes, you can pretend the t-shirt was for someone else but we know the truth.


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