Friday, January 8

On it's way from the North Sea!





We are situated on the North East Coastline, indeed we can see the Sea from our house. On Wednesday as we were driving we could see the terrible weather coming in from the North Sea. last night we had the coldest night so far and the dreadful weather is set in for another week.
I have not been out of the house for a few days now, making do with a visit to the shop in the 4x4 (Jon driving) for day to day stuff!

We had to make a journey to the local A&E department on Wednesday as Jon has a problem with his hand. During the Christmas break he was working on the work's van when there was an incident with a spanner which he managed to bash his hand with. Initially this just seemed to be superficial, but as the days went on a swelling started to develop which was causing him pain and discomfort. A routine visit to the surgery on Wednesday found us on our way to the hospital. Jon was seen quite quickly and whilst I waited in the waiting room he was whisked off for treatment.........all of nearly 3 hours!

Imagine my surprise and horror when Jon emerged with a plaster cast on his arm, supported in a sling!

It would seem a metal turning has been trapped near to his wrist and although not threatening initially, when Jon bashed his hand the turning was pushed near to the joint, hence the pain! As I write this, Jon is back at the hospital having it dealt with. Our neighbour John, kindly took him in his landrover!

I must say the time I spent in the waiting room was interesting to say the least!

I'll keep you posted re Jon's progress and rmind me to tell you about the lady who came in with a flapjack injury!
I tell you, you certainly hear it all in A&E!
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  1. I can sypathise with Jon's injury as the Sun before Xmas I toppled at speed down the stairs-resulting in ambulance trip to hosp and 5+ hours waiting and treatment-10 stitches above eyebrow,badly bruised leg and foot,broken finger and fractures in both hands -have hand splints to wear for 6 weeks-attempting to shake a duster or even pulling up the bedclothes is very painfull!
    Now marrooned at home due to snow and ice am hoping a neighbour will offer shopping help soon?

  2. I hope Jon recovers soon. Sounds painful. We're having bad weather, but at least we can get out.

  3. Pity about Jon - give him all my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    I recognize those clouds. We have seen quite a lot of them the last three weeks :-) Right now we a magnificent weather. We live on top of a hill and have "only" -12 C, but a place I visited some km away to take some photos had -18C. We live on the coast were it is milder compared to the inland. They may have -40 C.

    You asked about clothing: Wool wherever you can put it :-) Or fur.

  4. Sorry about the hand Jon - can;t wait to hear about the flapjack injury though. Yes we are certainly getting the weather, aren't we? A foot of snow here and minus eight last night.

  5. So sorry to hear about Jon's injury! I'm waiting with bated breath about what you saw in the hospital waiting room. lol

  6. That's the North Sea for you! A very familiar and nostalgic sky. I used to lie on my be singing Christmas carols watching the clouds and hoping they would bring snow. I guess I've changed regarding weather since those days. Hope Jon's injury improves and heals well.

  7. I hope he has a speedy recovery, it sounds very painful!

  8. Poor Jon, hope he is soon on the mend. I've not managed to get the car up the drive for over a week now, hubby has been in London and my drive is too long and uphill for me to tackle. We've just discovered you can't buy such a thing as a snow shovel on the island, none of the stores stock any - nuts, or what??

  9. Hah! I know why I've missed stopping by now: a 'flapjack' injury???! LOL!! Hope Jon heals quickly~ xoxox Carol

  10. Wonderful photos of the incoming storm, it seems the cold weather is a world wide event in the north hemisphere. It has been a while since I have been on your blog and I have enjoyed reading and catching up on your life events. Thanks for the recipe for Welsh Rarebit or as I used to call it "Welsh Rabbit". I look forward to making it. Hope Jon's recovery is swift. Stay warm and safe.
    Smiles and blessigs

  11. Wonderful photos of the storm rolling in. And sorry to hear about Jon's injury, heres hoping he is on the mend! Take care and stay warm.

  12. Sorry I have not visited for a very long time, now I don't have the pain I realise how much it wore me down. Busily trying to catch up with everyone. Hope Jon recovers quickly and you are well.

  13. Wishing Jon a speedy recovery!

  14. Great photos. I just had a look over at your wedding stationery site - you're a talented lady. :)

    Oooo...painful wrist injury. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  15. Wonderful photos.
    I used to live in Darlington (on the A1 above the bike shop just before the railway bridge) and we went to see the sea at Redcar


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