Saturday, March 4

Kitchen stuff

I have been deliberating over  the kitchen for a few years now ie how to finish it off! Ceramic tiles were the thought for the past few months but have now decided to go for tongue and groove for behind the units/drawers up to the Rayburn where we will have a metal sign due to the heat generated from the Rayburn. I also fancy being a bit more adventurous with colours - dark seems to be the fad and with the white units this should work?

The shelf was replaced with wall cupboards as was theshutter cupboard.

Off to look at more colour charts! 

Watch this space!


  1. It's coming on!
    I'd love to strip out my kitchen but my husband keeps saying he likes it as it is . . . and has been for donkey's years! I can't complain - it could be worse.

    1. It would seem I have an update in the wings!


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