Friday, May 12

May so far......

All 3 hens are layin an egg a day.

 We have visitors - some days but not all.

 Joan and Dot continue to grow.

Had some nice weather - a spot of sunbathing.

Foraging for worms.

A favourite spot in the field next to our house - usually around 4pm

Noodles for lunch

Library campaign continues 

Local school on our campaign

Planning for 2017 Scarecrow Festival has begun

Bing continue his healthy eating campaign - a frozen bottle of milk

 Our eggs have featured in most meals.

Not your standard jam!

Healthy discovery in the back of my cupboard.

 Healthy eating continues..

  Coffee morning and lunch recently raised £462

So...........busy as ever!


  1. Those meals look delicious!

  2. Definitely busy as ever. Your hens look super healthy and happy. I bet their eggs taste divine.

  3. So happy to see you pop-up on my reader !
    Happy to see your chickens they are beautiful.
    Also so envious of the beautiful eggs you are eating. The yoke color is beyond beautiful.
    I hope you keep blogging even if it is just once a month. I like to read your news.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Those eggs look so good!

    the small library near to daughter's is under threat too. Appalling!

  5. So glad to have a post from you in my reader - I was wondering if everything OK. You look like you are kept busy with the hens and village events. We had a scarecrow festival here but sadly we were away and missed it. Those eggs look delicious and so golden - I always buy free range and organic but yours look even better.

  6. Gorgeous eggs ! I'd love one on a heap of buttery mashed potatoes and spinach .
    Good luck with your library fund .


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