Sunday, February 5

D is for Duck!

Blogging is a funny old thing - one with which I have a love/hate relationship, but this morning I found myself looking back on the photos and records of our motorbike adventures and realised what a fantastic resource I have compiled over the last 10 years and more here in a virtual little space on the internet.

Blogging has been an adventure - one where I have met new friends and met up with many - travelling to meet them on our motorbike. Back in 2002 we were visiting the Scottish Motorbike show and I bought a duck back pack. I fell in love with him and has since travelled evrywhere with Jon and I when we go out on our motorbike adventures.

One project I am proud to share is ABC Wednesady - a little idea I had many many years ago. Each week as we worked our way through the alphabet we would post a photograph and sometimes a few words. The project took off and spans the globe with  many contributions each week. It is currently in its last chapter under the team I am part of before entering a new level. When I read that Liz  had joined in it made me think again. Liz is a blogging friend of many many years - as are many of my other blogging friends. One day we will meet up with Liz and it will be on our motorbike - and yes the duck will meet up too - with Delilah!

For more ABC follow this link


  1. Hi there Ducky,
    It's always good to read of your adventures especially with your lucky mascot on your back.
    I feel sad that you're bowing out from ABCW Denise, particularly as you and Leslie persuaded
    me to join in, it was at a time when I was at a low ebb and couldn't feel inspired to write
    on my Blog Trubes but thankfully you changed all that!
    I look forward, perhaps, with some trepidation to participating in 'Round 21', I do hope you will
    carry on commenting, when you have the time, I know you are very busy.
    I shall never forget the day we met when Ian and I were travelling home from a holiday in Northumberland,
    you stood in the middle of the lane waving a huge Union Jack flag...What larks !
    I still smile when I think of our meeting.... all down to ABCW...
    bless you Dear Denise,
    Love from,
    Abcw team.

  2. Been missing you, Mrs N. You're the one who introduced me to all these other folks, for which i thank you.


  3. Lovely meeting to look forward to... wishing you lots of fun with it.

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)
    (want to take a preview at the new url starting round 21 ?

  4. Love the duck!
    I used to follow you back then when you did the alphabet! Been a long time!
    Glad to see you back! (I'm a fine one to talk with my now monthly blog when it used to be 3 a week!)
    Maggie x

  5. I shall look forward to meeting you and Duck!


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