Saturday, February 20

Village matters.

Our village hall management committee held the AGM at the end of January. A couple of people stepped down and the remaining members were re-elected, Jon and myself included. Jon is chairperson again, I am a member of the fund-raising committee. 
Every Wednesday I meet up with my friend/neighbour Karen and we thrash through a few ideas and more importantly we set the plans into action. 
I prepared a newsletter which will be delivered into every neighbour this weekend.
By the way - any Archer's fans out there (yes I am one) will have heard the "Clean for the Queen" campaign mentioned last night - we are all ready on the case! 

 Liverton Village News
 February – March 2016

We are thrilled to share some of the exciting plans we have in store
for 2016, a very exciting year as we celebrate 80 years of our village hall.
Lots to  come.

Coffee Morning

The monthly coffee mornings commence
on Saturday February 27th at the usual times, 10am—2pm.
Once again we will be serving food throughout the period,
lunches, home baking and the inevitable corned beef pies.
We are offering a healthy option to ease away any excess pounds gained over the holidays.
We are serving hot chocolate too, hope to see you there.

Any unwanted Christmas presents are always welcome
 for future raffles and tombola.
Any baking will be most welcome, ingredients for baking too.

If you have a free hour and fancy helping out just shout up.

Photograph Competition

We are having a photograph competition—details to follow but in the meantime as you are taking photographs around the village bear this in mind.

Guided Walk

Come on a guided walk on Friday 4th March to appreciate some of the beautiful area around the village.
We meet at Liverton Village Hall at 10.00am for a hot drink then walk along Rosecroft Lane
before returning via Rosecroft Wood.
The walk will be led by John Roberts, famous for his local knowledge and familiarity with walks in the area
There’ll be vegetable soup and a bread roll at the village hall on return.
Cost is £5 with proceeds going to village hall funds.
This is a gentle walk with moderate ascents and descents; please wear suitable clothing and footwear.
Dogs under proper control are welcome on the walk but would need to be tethered outside  the Village Hall.
If you are unable to take part in the walk you are still welcome to come for the lunch in the village hall—we will be having a raffle and there will be a home baking table.
Booking is advisable for walk, lunch or both
01287 644932

Friday 18th March
Chocolate Making Workshop

The workshops we organised last year were very popular—our first workshop this year will be a chocolate making session on March 18th where people will make their own easter egg.

Either you – or someone you know – loves chocolate, that’s no surprise, but what is surprising is that chocolate can actually be a health food.
Our workshop on March 19th will be an opportunity
for you to make your very own healthy easter egg.
The type of chocolate we will be making is the really rich,
high quality, low sugar chocolate that contains 85% or more cocoa.
Raw chocolate is made from cocoa beans which haven’t been roasted.
Roasting changes the structure of cocoa beans and lowers the overall nutritional value.
We’ll be using a recipe which includes raw cocoa rather than roasted. 
You’ll notice a huge difference between the two.

All ingredients are supplied.
Cost £10.
We will be having a raffle (Easter Egg of course)
And refreshments will be available.

10am—12 noon.

Call 01287 644932/641209/
to book a place.

Saturday 19th March
Easter Fun Day

We will be holding our Easter fun day on Saturday March 19th.
There will be something for all the family, games competitions, 
tombola and the usual refreshments.
More details to follow.


  1. It sounds like you've got some good fundraising events planned. I always enjoyed this aspect of being on the PTA committee when my kids were at primary school.

  2. What a great village you live in. Thanks to you and John and of course many other.
    I must look up your Village to see how many people live there. Much like Weavers and John's village
    you seem to have a community.
    The wonderful Saturday monthly coffee mornings you all seem to have.
    Of course I know you only write about the great things that are going on but still how wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lovely t o see such an active village Denise. As you know, we live well out of the village. Every first Saturday in the month we have a coffee morning in the village hall. There are stalls - sometimes a fantastic pie-baker has a stand of pies for sale, there is always a card lady, another lady always has cake, marmalade and things like lasagne she has made (delicious)for sale. Any unwanted presents go into a raffle and it is a lovely occasion, where for me it is a chance to meet villagers I wouldn't otherwise see.

  4. It's wonderful to feel the community spirit come through in your post. At the moment we are so busy getting everything started that we havent been out and about yet. We managed to make it to the local pub once though :) I'm hoping to catch up with your blog this weekend. Tracy x


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