Tuesday, February 16

F is for freezing.

It's cold enough for snow tonight!
The weather FORECASTS have been so inaccurate for our region - but I definitely think it may snow.

We are well stocked up - Jon chopped some logs so this lot should keep us going through the night.

I have a joint of pork in the top oven and it smells FANTASTIC!
Onion gravy and a vegetable bake for tonight. A FEAST indeed.

ABC Wednesday!


  1. freezing indeed..overhere actualy at this moment... brrrrrrr

    Have a nice abc-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Oh gosh, Denise! Some areas are feeling some signs of spring now. But it shouldn't be too long and you can turn off the oven. Stay warm and cosy!

    abcw team

  3. Dinner sounds delicious on a freezing night ~ It has been very cold in MA (USA) ~ as well ~ today it is much milder ~ Great choice for F ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  4. Ummm, sounds delightful. I do love the smell of pork roasting.
    Keep warm.

  5. I can almost smell the food. :)

  6. This brings back memories of the years we chopped wood for the fireplaces.

  7. I always think that when it is cold here Denise and the wind is blowing from the North East, you will be gatting it even colder. Much better here today and the snow is gone - hope it is the same with you.

  8. I came from one post with chocolate fudge to yours with roast pork, two of my favourites. And now my stomach rumbles!

  9. Well I think you will be mighty warm and satisfied tummys.


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