Sunday, April 12

Money and something new!

I have been so busy organising and baking for our village hall events of late, hence my lack of blogging.

The coffee mornings are now doing very well. At the last one we introduced a soup for the lunchtime and it was a great success - it sold out. Numbers so far :-

  258.35         Coffee morning 1
  223.41         Baking Stall at Village Market
  359.41         Coffee Morning 2

The Biker's initiative is a new idea. 3 times a year the Oliver's Mount Racing Circuit in Scarborough holds racing weekends over Saturday and Sunday. The road leading to our village is off one of the main roads to Scarborough, the A171. Many bikes pass the end of our road. The prices are quite steep and the food stalls are limited choice (mostly pies and burgers) but pricey.

 My partner in crime, Karen and I decided we would try something new and hatched a plan. 

We used facebook to advertise the information. 
We also used an old wheelbarrow as an advertisement on the main Moor Road to Scarborough. There are strict rules re using signposts to advertise - but this method is mobile and therefore within the law.

The venture was new because we had to buy raw ingredients (bacon, sausage, bread) which would incur costs and there was the question of what to do with them if not sold.

The weather has been dreadful but despite the odds been stacked against us the bikers came, not in their hundreds, but they came and after expenses we made a profit of £138.

It was great to catch up with some dear old friends Barry and Trish will bring their fellow bike mates to the next event - Barry is the leader of the group and will pass the word.


The bread  left over (fresh rolls made by our local baker and delivered on Saturday morning) is now in the freezer and will be used up when we serve soup at our next coffee morning/lunch. A local farmer gave us a carrier of leeks which I blanched and froze - the next soup will be leek and potato.There is also a pack of sausages left over - again in the freezer which I will make into scotch eggs, again for the next time. I made some corned beef slices - these are now frozen and will be offered with a salad for the lunchtime menu.

Our next coffee morning will incorporate a plant stall but it is 6 weeks away.......and now we have our wheelbarrow we are thinking........May Bank Holiday weekend???????

Watch this space!

ABC Wednesday - M for money and N for new!


  1. It made me feel hungry reading this, scotch eggs are my favourite. Well done

  2. You did very well and seem like a real busy bee these days! Good for you!
    Maggie x

  3. Your energy and enthusiasm amaze me.
    Are you off to the TT this year? I have forgotten when it is.

  4. I also admire your energy and enthusiasm!
    I wish you great weather when you are biking!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  5. Glad you made a profit for your great efforts!

  6. So impressive Denise. I think you have started a fantastic fundraising business.

  7. Denise, this is amazing! I love the advertisement in the wheelbarrow. Not only is it 'legal,' but it's charming. Has that homemade quality while being nicely printed out. Also, the menu is to die for. I so want a warm roll and fresh butter right now. The phrase, "as many cups of tea," also charming. Amy

  8. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun on your venture. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  9. You are so ingenious! Well done. xx


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