Tuesday, December 2

Update - Bedroom 2

The radiator has now been sandblasted and spray painted.
Jon just needs to connect the pipes etc.

I have repaired the chair - but have plans for the rug.
Wardrobe assembled - yet to be organised.

The curtains have been altered.

I have plans for this card - I want to have it framed.

There is an air-vent in the room - behind a picture my SIL bought me a couple of years ago.

Pleased with the new carpet.

My favourite piece is the washstand.

Love the new wardrobe.

Jon put the wardrobe together over a period of 3 nights - an hour a night I would say, so the DIY/Flatpack skills are once again on the go - so it's a shame not to use these skills so today we are going to Ikea to buy a this space!


  1. Looking good! My favourite is also the washstand xxx

  2. The room's looking fab. I bet you're pleased you've almost finished. I love the curtains and carpet. They look really nice.

  3. \it is beginning to look really smart Denise. Love that hare card.

  4. I've just looked up bedroom one as well. They are both just like the advertisements that you see in glossy magazines.
    Love that washstand too.
    Well done to you both.
    Maggie x

  5. I love it :)
    Congrats & Kudos :)
    Have a nice week!

  6. I think the red/orangebag is a wonderful touch!

  7. I love the bunnies so much that I used for the ABCW visual!
    though the wicker chair is nice, too.


  8. This is looking so fabulous. And the view out the window wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. I didn't know you had such beautiful landscape views from your home madam. Very plush me duck.

  10. Looking good! I like the the cows and the bunnies, and especially the washstand - a beautiful piece of furniture. Thanks for the update.

  11. You guys are so handy and have a beautiful home inside and out.

  12. Wow ! Denise it's really looking good now, I love the view and the wild rabbits, the wicker chair , in fact I love it all.
    You really have put so much love and care, well done
    love Di,
    ABCW team xx

  13. Love a fresh update. It's just lovely.

  14. Thanks for the Update! You are picking such great pieces and doing such a nice job.

  15. the bunnies make me think of water ship down, Bright eyes.


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