Wednesday, April 9

My Devoted Freida

Freida had not been well for a couple of weeks. Over the weekend she began to fail and was obviously unwell. We took her to the vets yesterday where she was scanned. Her temperature was extremely high so she was given a strong anti-biotic and we brought her home. No appetite despite a dish of cat food which the dogs normally love. I took her in this morning for another scan and had to leave her so the vet could give her a good examination. The vet phoned me at lunch time to say the scan had shown a tumour and Freida's spleen would have to be removed. There was evidence it was on her kidneys too. There were options - 1. Operate and find the extent of the tumour. 2. Medication to ease the pain but leave the tumour to grow. Concerns - anaesthetic with Freida being old the vet was concerned about this as with a blood supply issues......Freida was asleep when the vet was talking to me, asleep and peaceful. "Let her go.... she is at peace."

Responsible pet ownership is hard - but when it comes to such moments the pet must come first.
In her time with us Freida was devoted and faithful and had a great role in bringing up Bing. We will see this in the years to come.


  1. I am so sorry Denise - I feel so sad for you. Isn't this two in a very short time? How wise you were to get Bing so that he could benefit from the wise way of these old dogs (and they could benefit from watching him romp around and reliving their youth). I send my love to you.

  2. So sad, especially so soon after losing your other beloved friend. RIP Freida, you were loved and well looked after to the end. Sincere condolences to you and your family and Bing of course.

  3. I have been in this exact situation. I'm sending you HUGE HUGS...just to let you know I understand your loss.
    Jane xxxx

  4. A very sad choice. I have gone through this several times and it never gets easier and the sadness is always there.
    I so agree with what Weaver said so beautifully.
    Love and hugs to your family.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. oh what a heartbreaking post...i am so very sorry for your loss. we've had to make the same hard decision a couple of's never easy...freida was beautiful and is now running at the rainbow bridge...hugs

  6. Oh Denise, I so feel for you. It's hard. Take care my friend, Jx

  7. I know I've already commented on FB but just to say we feel you pain after having have our beloved German Shepherd Victor put to sleep, his back legs and spinal region had collapsed,
    ,He was 14 we used to call him Nana Dog because always looked after the the 'girls' when they were little, if they went out to play Victor was always with them, they used to play in the local woodland , there would be Victor sitting and watching whilst the 'Kids' played. We once went over to the local woodland and set up a picnic site for all the children, when we went over to check they were ok , there was Victor sitting amidst them listening to the kiddy chit chat and persuading a child to pass the odd tit bit his way...When the kids came home the dog came home,,, such a lovely dog ..

  8. That's so sad D. To lose 1 dog is tough, but to say goodbye to 2 so close together is heart breaking. Freida was part of our bloggy lives and will be missed by all your visitors and friends.

  9. So sad, Denise. I know how difficult such a decision is. Hug Bing. He will also remember Freida, who was such a good example for him, like a mother or a well-loved aunt.
    Warmest thoughts to you and Jon.
    Luv, K

  10. Oh Denise I'm so sorry. However, I'm also very, very impressed with your decision. I know so may people who put their pets through hell because they can't let go. You did the right thing. xxx

  11. Sorry for your loss. We went through a similar situation with our beloved cat. I still see him out of the corner of my eye. Our pets will always be with us. - Margy


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