Saturday, January 4

This week's walks - in pictures.

Thursday...Skinningrove Beach



Friday - Sandsend Beach after Fish and Chips in Whitby

Earlier that morning - a change from the beach. Hummersea Fields.


 Friday - back to the beach.
Bing on his own - Freida having a rest.

Storm damage to the cliffs

Saturday - Beach, Bing and his Buddies


  1. Lovely photos, such blue skies. I love to see the dogs playing on the beach. Happy new year D! x

  2. Happy New Year Denise, wishing you and yours all the best for 2014... Lovely images!

  3. Beaches were made for dogs!
    Jane x

  4. Tegan wants to come! Oh my gosh, she would absolutely LOVE the freedom of running in those fields and along those beaches. I did manage to take her out today for 1/2 hour but walked very slowly and carefully. My daughter took her yesterday for an hour's running in a dog park nearby. But really, she would be in ecstacy (sp???) in your neighbourhood. Hope you had a Happy New Year. Ours was very quiet as we are both not doing too well.

  5. Your Gud Dug have such a good live.
    How cold is it where you are. Did you escape the rains and flooding ?

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Lots of exercise! Some wonderful shots ~ looks a little chilly!

  7. I envy you those big empty beaches - wonderful!

  8. Fish and chips in Whitby! Yum!!! My sister comes to visit next week and we are having gorgeous weather. I hope it stays. We will probably go for fish and chips a couple of times. My husband will be away; he can't eat fish and chips any more --too greasy, so we'll do it while he is away.


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