Saturday, January 18

Crafty matters.

I am full of good when I saw this new magazine I decided to take advantage of the introductory offer. I have a couple of sewing machines and thought this would be the gateway to great projects. After receiving 12 issues I decided to stop my subscription before the price rose....why you may ask? Because I hadn't opened the 12 issues I had received. So today I have opened them all and filed them away. Each issue contains instructions to:-
1. Make a square for a seaside themed quilt.
2. Make a home themed object for the house.
3. Make a gift.
4. Recycle something into a gift/product.
5.Sewing skills
6.Stitch school
7. Templates for the various projects.
As I have 12 issues it would seem I have enough sewing projects to see me through the year. Full instructions come with each of the projects so we'll see how I manage.

I also received various tools of the trade to help me along. The scissors I will keep for my sewing projects - all too often they end up in the general kitchen tat drawer never to be seen again!

I have a lovely sewing box my sister in law bought me years ago - I will dig it out and organise everything.

We wont be doing any further house decorating until after February as we have our holiday to pay for which will use a fair amount of our hard earned money - we only have two bedrooms to decorate which is quite a small project compared to some of the work we have done over the past couple of years. However I am going to beaver away with the de-cluttering and organising of the books and craft materials.....I definitely have sufficient materials to keep me going for the next year so I am setting myself a target of using everything in the house rather than buy anything I am organising for Britain! I feel copious lists coming on!

I was lucky enough to win this book, kindly donated by Maria It is absolutely bursting with ideas which I am going to try. Again, making full use of what we have in the house......and that's quite a lot of stuff!

I am not one for making New Year promises but as the month is panning out I have my cookery challenge and now my organising project to keep me busy - ideal tasks for a wet day....
oh and did I mention I have enrolled on a pottery class?

Watch this space!


  1. Sounds like you're going to be very busy this year. I hope you're going to reveal all, especially the pottery. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

    It always feels great to make use of what you already have instead of buying lots of new stuff. I'm trying to do the same this year. It must be something in the air. That book looks great too. I do love a good sewing book to leaf through for inspiration.

  2. Thanks...yes a very busy year - for next to nothing I an hoping.

  3. If your weather is anything like ours today Denise, then it is a good day to sit down and make a start on those crafty projects.

    1. I am spending a couple of hours organising Pat lol! Yes dreadful day.


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