Saturday, April 27

Hot Stuff.

I dropped Jon off at the dentist last week and used the time to have a look round the Asda supermarket. To be honest I didn't even know there was an Asda in Redcar - last time I was there it was a Netto. I don't really get excited about supermarkets but I had time to kill and bought a few bits and bobs - including a bag of sweet potatoes for £1.
I had a butternut squash at home so decided to use them together and make a curry.
I added a few bits and bobs to a Slimming World recipe and made the most of what we had in.

4 sweet potatoes
1 butternut squash
2 teaspoons ginger
2 teaspoons garlic (I use asda chilled garlic - 2 of)
2 teaspoons chilli powder
2 teaspoons paprika
2 teaspoons dried coriander
2 teaspoons cumin (recipe said turmeric but I didn't have any in)
2 cubes frozen coriander
2 cubes frozen chilli
2 tins chopped tomatoes
1 pint veg stock

Stir all dry ingredients together add to garlic, coriander and chilli in a pan and stir in tomatoes. Transfer to casserole dish and add stock and cubed potatoes and squash. Cook in oven till tender - although it could be cooked on hob. I had a few green beans which I stirred in at end.


  1. Yum !
    That looks so good. Any left over vegs always go in a curry at my home

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I share your love of the hot stuff. I did a Cantonese fish dish tonight. And may have gone a bit overboard with the ginger and chilli...

    1. You can never go overboard in this hoise Jessica! lol!

  3. D'you know, I've never had a curry, but that looks very like a bit of heat though!
    We were up near Whitby for a day or two last week but didn't find that Simply Food M&S round Loftus area. Is it in Guisborough or Redcar maybe?
    I'm seriously thinking go going to Slimming World to trim off a few dozen pounds, wish you lived a bit nearer, you're a motivator!! TTFN.

    1. Mrs G.H. The postcode for M&S Simply food TS6 6UX - Skippers Lane.

  4. Replies
    1. It was Roger - I am really experimenting with the different spices now.

  5. I have just scribbled this down Denise - it is vegetarian and I know one or two veggies who like to drop in - so it might be good to try.

    1. Pat I think I would add some ground cloves next time - give it a fuller flavour,Dx

  6. Sounds easy to chew - probably a must after the dentist. It's 15 years since I had any teeth of my own to chew with. I must say I've quite forgotten what it's like.

  7. That sounds delicious, it is certainly soup weather here....


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