Friday, April 5

A lavley lavely plate of food!

After a journey spanning 2 years I am finally about to achieve my target weight with Slimming World! For anybody thinking dieting is dull and boring here are some of the meals I have cooked and thoroughly enjoyed this past week.

Spicy Scotch eggs with green salad and beetroot

Peppered Scoth eggs with a chilli bean salad and SW chips (lush)

Mango and Strawberry with natural yoghurt (much better than the artificial fruit yoghurts)

SW Tuna  Quiche with mixed bean and chilli salad

SWHam  Quiche with mixed bean chilli salad and green salad

Creamy Chicken Curry with Sprouts ( I LOVE sprouts)

Frylighted eggs on toast

Vegetable rice


Some of my favourites......
Here are the relevant recipes.

SW Chips - Chip potatoes, blanch/par-boil arrange on oven tray, spray with frylight and cook in oven 200 degrees for 15-20 mins.


SW Quiche
I use a carton of fat free cottage cheese, 3 eggs some quark  and mixed all together. I then added a tin of tuna flakes or other meat ie ham,  spring onions, sweetcorn, chopped peppers. Mixed all in together, sprayed a silicon cake dish and bunged in the oven.


  1. it all looks good, esp the fruit

    1. I love fruit is a particular favourite.

  2. I love the look of the salads, I loooovveee salads!

    1. Salads and vegetables play an important part in the eating plan I follow. Time spent preparing a wide range for a nice salad is time well spent.

  3. Congratulations !
    Even a simple dish of fried eggs looks so good when you have such fresh eggs.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Our 4 hens are all laying fantastic eggs ........ I eat a couple most days. Love the yellow of the yokes. Xxxxx

  4. Well done Denise - isn't it a good feeling?

  5. Congratulations Denise, you have done brilliantly! The food looks delish.

  6. These looks fab! Well done on completing your journey, something I need to start!!

    CJ x


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