Monday, September 10

I is for Intrigue!

I was intrigued the other day, I noticed my bucket had been knocked over. This is the container I use to move the woodshavings from the garage to the henhouse.

Somebody had used it as a nesting spot! I did catch a glimpse of a brown head popping over - so it is either mabel or Olwym!

The usual egg laying continues in the corner of the henhouse - Bev's blue eggs Eva or May and Olwyn or Mabel. Mabel/Olwyn lay the longer eggs as seen on the right.

Inside the henhouse Bev seems to be in her usual position - now it would seem Eva is there too.

Meanwhile Ernest and mabel are still as close as ever. May is also nestling next to Ernest (far left) whilst Olwyn sleeps nearest the door!

For more ABC fun visit the link in my webside - but for now, that's the intriguing insight into what is going on with  of the Nesbitt Chickens!
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  1. There is absolutely no accounting for hens and where they lay, is there?
    Yes I would love to meet up for lunch. Does Richmond sound any good. There is a nice Bistro in Finkle Street called Rustique - been there a few times and the food is good - always a nice soup.

  2. Chickens have all their own personalities, haven't they?! The more you study them, the more you discover new interesting characteristics.Have a great day with the meme you invented!

  3. That is so funny that they chose to lay their eggs there. Great idea for I day.

  4. Your INCREDIBLE AND INTELLIGENT hens lay beautiful eggs! Kate, ABC Team

  5. what a delightful surprise.

  6. Oh I just love your hens' exploits!!! Have a great week.

  7. I am definitely intrigued by the hens multi faceted personalities.
    This is always fun to read. thanks Denise.

  8. Your "farm" and your "special chicken's" haave always intrigued me. You are such a delightful person and always love your pictures on fb too.

  9. Well a hens gotta lay where they want!!So cute.

  10. Your hens are fabulous!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. That I call fresh eggs ! How can you recognize each chicken by name ? To me they all look more or less the same, but I suppose if I would live with them I could see the difference too.
    ABC Team

  12. The Nesbitt hens look lovely, healthy & productive.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  13. What beautiful eggs! And the chickens are beautiful too...I am intrigued by the warm and lovely color of their feathers.

  14. I love how your chickens have such personalities.They are beautifully clean and healthy looking.

  15. Interesting and intriguing. My grandfather had a mini poultry farm. I loved the little chicks when they hatched.


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