Saturday, September 22

A new Chapter!

Jon needed a new work's vehicle - it needed to be larger than the current one for weight/capacity reasons. We went along to the salesroom and I had my first sit in the VW Transporter. It seemed very large. Whilst it was Jon's decision and that decision was based on a business need I just felt it was a tad too big for me - considering my vehicle - the Toyota Hilux 4x4 was also a large one.

I suggested to Jon I got a run-around small car - suitable for my tootling about to the shops and also for my shopping expeditions with Mrs Nesbitt Senior. At the ripe old age of 82 a smaller car was more suited to her needs too. We started looking around for smaller cars - the Toyota will stay - such as the winters may deem necessary! One thought would be to tax the pick-up for 6 months of the year - but when we did our homework and found cars which are taxed at £20 a year we could tax the car all year, the pick-up just if we have a severe winter.


After weeks of research and haggling we came away Citroen C1 - 4 years old but with one previous owner a 60 year old gal who regularly had it serviced and who bought a new car every 4 years from the Citroen dealer in Sunderland. Low mileage too!£20 a year to tax and a top mileage to the gallon statistic! We collected the car last week and we have been thrilled with its performance and well impressed with the miles to the gallon - I think 56 was one day's average!

Next stop was Jon's work's van. With my car secured and bought it was ideal to use when shopping around for the best deals. By travelling to Preston we saved £1,000 from the price stated nearer to home.

We have plans for the transporter too - we plan to make modifications so we can spend the odd times away camping!!!!!  

Watch this space!


  1. You and Jon really put some thought and planning into this, Denise, and it seems to be paying off already. Good for you.
    Over here, I can't really relate to the sizes of British cars, but your Citroen looks fab.

    1. Thanks Kay! Yes - we do plan and faff about but we get there in the end! xxx

  2. Brilliant. Look forward to seeing you and the other Mrs Nesbitt before long.

  3. Replies
    1. It was Pearl - such a big difference too. xx

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