Tuesday, March 6

H is for.......Hearts!

Vintage is THE in-thing at the moment so I am tootling around with some HEART  ideas for my latest wedding commission. This is what I have so far.......but early days yet.

The weather has vastly improved, hopefully allowing us to get out in the garden soon - but we are on our final room downstairs is the Hall and yes, we will be using Farrow & Ball's Hound flat emulsion!

Watch this week I am hoping it will be I for IMPRESSED!

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  1. How old does a person have to be to be considered'vintage'? I may be in vogue!!
    Jane x

    1. Indeed Jane - xx lol When I think of the stuff we have had over the years eh?" What goes around comes around" saying springs to mind.

    2. Vintage is Vogue needs to be reserved for the ABC V challenge day

      henderson hill

  2. I am sure it will be I Denise. Love the hearts.

  3. Have fun with your designs - what a lovely thing to be able to do, to create beauty for someone else:-)

  4. Your hearts are very beautiful. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

  5. Love your Heart designs and the vintage look.
    Your Header is fabulous Denise.
    Hang on!!

  6. Those hearts are lovely. Very delicate and I love the vintage look.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. I am getting excited to see the new hall.

    House in the Prairie
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


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