Tuesday, November 16

R is for…..Roaming round our Rural Location.

Over the Road, earlier today.


Following on from the comments last week regarding the various village scenes I photographed earlier this year I thought i would share part of our village for my ABC Wednesday contribution. Many of you picked out Ronnie’s sheep as a favourite, so this morning it seemed appropriate to capture the sheep grazing in the field which we look out upon. The barn to the right of the picture will be the place the ewes will give birth to their lambs in the spring. I say spring, yet each year the lambing season seems to get earlier and I would suspect that come January we will hear the sounds indicating the arrival of the new lambs.



Walking on the path parallel to our house this scene shows the part of the village where we live. Again Ronnie’s sheep can be seen in the distance and the white house with the red tiled roof is our house. The hedges have been recently cut by James, son of David from Redhouse farm.


Further along the same lane the view of our village church is quite clear.



Most days I leave our house (to the left of the wooden fence above) and pass the field next door – home to Dan, one of the racing horses who live in the barn!

Dan was in the distance when I walked down our drive but when he saw me he knew I would have a carrot…….



So he galloped across the field……


and enjoyed his carrots!






Walking down the village we passed my friend Rowena’s house. We often have a cup of coffee together.



Further along is the village pub – we often go to the restaurant – he fillet steak is awesome and they have a buy one meal get one free offer! bargain!


The roaming fields seem to go on forever! A real rural feeling!



Walking back towards our house we passed the red tractor and car – belonging to Mick and Audrey who celebrated thie Ruby wedding anniversary last weekend. Along with other neighbours we attended a surprise party.



The red berries indicate a harsh winter is in store!




I take Freida for a walk every day and always enjoy the tranquility of our rural location. We have lived here for nearly 20 years and feel a definate part of the community. I guess the surroundings have played an important part in our contentment – we are home birds and enjoy our life here in the village. We are not ones for going out – enjoying our home and the company of family and friends.


  1. What a marvelous post for the R Day, Denise! Such a lovely look at your world! I'm a sucker for horses, so of course, I particularly loved those! Hope your week is going well! Thanks as always for the weekly fun!


  2. Denise, you live in a magical land. The pictures are delightful. I feel such peace looking at them.
    Just love your pictures of Dan, especially the closeups of his muzzle.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Oh Denise! You are such a lucky lady to live in such splendour! I can hardly wait to meet you all in person and have you take me for a roam around your rural area. :D

  4. You do live a beautiful part of our country without a doubt Denise!

    Next year we'll take the Ellen Smith Whitby Express and hopefully we can meet up and you can show me your world in person. :)

  5. Love the horses, especially. Lovely open-air vista.

    Have a good week, chief.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Wow I loved this RURAL post, your set of pictures are excellent, thanks so much for sharing these pictures!
    The critter in spot here is ADORABLE!
    As I grow up on a farm in Brazil, I can say this post brings to me sweet memories!
    REGARDS from Luxembourg

  7. Thank you for taking us on your rural tour - a beautiful place to live for sure. The horse shots were such fun and I like the red berries too!

  8. A delightful roaming. The expression on the horse's face is priceless!

  9. Thank you for that tour Denise - aren;t we lucky to live in friendly North Yorkshire.

  10. What a lovely little corner of the world you live in, thanks for the stroll around it. My husband and I tend to be home bodies also. Although we do enjoy our visits to our favorite Restaurants a few times each week.

  11. What a wonderful post for R day, roaming around your neighborhood. That horse sure does love you, or loves the carrots. Maybe both!
    I hope the berries are wrong and you don't have a harsh winter.
    Thanks for the lovely tour. I enjoyed it so much.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. You live in beautiful surroundings Mrs N. I wish I had Dan for a neighbour!

  13. Love the photos of your village and especially of Dan the horse, he is ADORABLE!!

  14. I think Dan should feature more often!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I cannot being to imagine living in such a gorgeous place.

  16. What beautiful scenic photos - and what a wonderful expansive view! Love the up-close view of your horse. :-) Great R - rural, for sure!

  17. A lovely post about your place.. I live in a farm, so I also enjoy nature very much. I love the horse pictures.. And love the berries!!

  18. I want to move to your village! Great photos, especially the ones of Dan :O)

  19. I love to run around in your rural town, everything so beautiful.

  20. Lovely sceneries. I love the photos of the horses, they look gorgeous.

    If you have time, do drop by my R entries:

    R for Recipes

    Food Review

  21. Enjoyed the rural walk around and the pics are marvelous :) Looks a healthy lifestyle too what with walks and yummm coffee!!

  22. Of course I think these are wonderful and I wish I was there. I love North Yorkshire! I've been trying to organise a trip back to Scarborough for some fish and chips and a stroll on the beach but the weather report isn't really promising for the next couple of weekends. Oh well..... soon, I hope.

  23. How delightful. It looks gorgeous where you live Denise. I'm with you, I like my family, freinds and animals, hobbies and being with my long suffering husband- perfect!

  24. Your picture of horses and the first and last one is wonderful:)

  25. What a lovely place you live, Really like the pictures of Dan enjoying his carrots!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  26. We live in a rural area, too, and wouldn't trade it, but our road is very busy and I go elsewhere to walk for safety sake.

  27. Looking at your pictures make me feel like holidays ! Such nice places and the horse is soo cute !!

  28. I feel quite restful after the tour of your village, lovely. Are you distancing yourself from drinking with "we often go to the restaurant", LOL. Good that you still have your village pub.

  29. A rather refreshing ramble through your rural environment! I do love Dan's whiskery face! He looks like a sweetheart.

  30. I can see why you wouldn't want to leave! What a beautiful paradise!
    I lived in a small rural place for 19 years and I left only because I remarried and moved to live with my husband. I went from a town of about a thousand to over 100 000! Quite a difference. there are definitely times I miss the open spaces and the neighbourliness!

  31. For me a tranquil place is so good for the soul.. Hi Freida

  32. What lovely shots! The rural location you live in is just beautiful. That horse looks like quite the character.

  33. lovely vieuws , thanks for showing, my abc is up too, greetings


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