Tuesday, November 2

P is for presentation.

When I am working on a commission the most exciting part to me is the presentation – the packaging of the product as I want the client to be excited when the parcel arrives on the doorstep. Whilst I am aware of avoiding elaborate expensive materials I do want to give a hint of what lies inside. I change my themes regularly, but right now this is the label I have designed and indeed are using. I take my parcels to the village post office and it has become a ritual now for the ladies in the shop to comment on the parcels – they say my parcels brighten up their dreary days of plain brown paper parcels!


dbd label


My current commission is for some Thank You cards to be sent out by my client to friends and family who offered and sent cards of sympathy following the death of a close family member.

This is the image I was inspired by…



These are the cards I created.



I am looking for a nice quotation…..any ideas?

Today would have been Mum’s birthday…..Happy Birthday Mum! xxxx


  1. Very beautiful ! but coming back from Egypt's sunshine, my ideas are a little burnt out, lol !

  2. Both are beautiful presentations. I'm supposed to be writing a story, but not feeling very inspired. Otherwise, I might give your thank you card a try. ;)

  3. Not sure whether you are looking for a quotation about dying or about thanking people - or both (that would be a hard one to find I think). Maybe something to do with peacefulness would be a possibility. Quotations are always hard to find. When we first husband died we had a Yeats quotation on his headstone - "Earth receive an honoured guest"
    I have never found a betterone for that situation.

    We came quite close to your village on Sunday I think.(Robin Hood's Bay)

  4. Wonderful and very appropriate. I'm sure the right words will come in a quiet moment.

  5. Your presentation is perfect! :)
    ADorable cards, you are so talented!

  6. Lovely and peaceful. I think the card says thank you for the comfort your thoughtfulness gives.

  7. Gently stunning - if you get what I mean! You have such a gift, Denise! Maybe it's from your Mum.

  8. The card is lovely.

    I would think each card needs a hand written message, something personal to go along with the receivers personality. Just a thought.

  9. They are gorgeous, Denise, and you are so talented! Love them all! Thanks as always for the weekly fun! Hope your week is going well!


  10. Your cards are very, very exquisite! One of my neighbours makes also very beautiful cards for all kind of occasions and she is as enthusiastic as you are. I find it always so wonderful to meet such creative people like you and my neighbour.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. I agree with you that this kind of blogging is very important to help us understand and respect other nations, political views, religions and traditions. I am glad that you created this meme, Denise, and I wished I had more time to visit everybody of the list. Have a great ABC Wednesday.

  11. Thats a very delicate card.I guess you'd say something like "Your kindness meant a lot to our family, it was a great comfort at this difficult time".
    Like your labels too, better than brown paper for sure! :D

  12. Your work is very beautiful - such a poignant image. Perhaps a quote re a flower opening.... I also like the idea of a personal note instead.

    Also, thank you for your very complimentary comment on my post last week - I really appreciate it!

  13. Lovely card! One of my favorite quotes for this kind of occasion is from Emily Dickinson. I'm not sure if I will be accurate in my quote, but it goes like this:

    "This world is not a conclusion.
    A majesty stands beyond-
    Invisible as music-
    But, positive as sound."

  14. Your designs are wonderful, Denise. I particularly love the way you changed the colour of the flower to suit a thank-you-for-your-sympathy card.
    If I could think of any appropriate words, I'd surely share them with you.
    In the meantime, I think of my mom every day but especially on her birthday. She would have been 86 this summer.
    -- Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. I like the simple wistful wildflower on your card. I lost my mom, too, many years ago. Oddly enough my nephew recently had a baby girl born on the same date as my mother (his grandmother). I don’t understand death but I think loved ones are nearby when they are remembered.

  16. your cards are lovely. especially love the last card.

  17. Thank you for the many lovely words and quotes - inside the card is a blank page - after this is a written note from my client - I just wanted a simple quotation for the first page.


  18. Very talented Denise. Inspired to actually take more flora photography myself. As for quotes you know I tend to err on the black humour side, which is not at all appropriate for such delicate beauties.

  19. Lovely presentation, Denise! And I very much like the flower you have chosen for the thank-you note.

  20. "Thank you. Remember not to lose this and let this card flower on for generations to come..."

    That's my idea. I hope you like it!!! Here's mine

  21. no quotes come to mind, but they ARE lovely cards.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  22. "Even if every flower had a voice, I couldn't send enough to say thank you" or somthing like that. You'd need to play with it.

  23. I admire your creativity. Your designs are beautiful, including your labels.

  24. Beautiful - I trust you to find the right quote when the time arises - you're so talented!

  25. Lovely cards.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My Entry

  26. The card is lovely. I'm inclined to suggest something really simple like "Thank you for your kindness" rather than a quote. When Dad died I put a quote from Omar Khayyam on the card with his flowers. It was one of his favourite poems - but it wouldn't be right for everyone.

  27. Um, "Life goes on"?? (Ow!! WHAT?? Too insensitive?? Sheesh..giggle, some folk are so touchy!)

    Your cards are gorgeous Denise, and yes, I agree, the wrapping is almost as important as the card itself.

  28. So pretty! So gentle in colour!
    Happy Birthday to your Mum! My Mummy's Dad's birthday was November first, the day before hers! He would have been 93.

    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's abcWED-round-7-P

    Mummy has written a tribute to her father for the 'French Obsession-meme':
    Anna's French Obsession #8

  29. Perfect presentation of the letter P.

  30. They are both just beautiful Denise. :)

  31. Very nice. I love the hue of purple in the first one. You do lovely work!

    My ABC Wednesday

  32. Beautiful cards, bet the post office look forward to your parcels.
    The Carmen Sylva verse might be a bit 19th Century:
    The fairest word on earth that's heard;/On human lips the fairest word/Is mother./To whom such name shall once belong,/High honour hers her whole life long,/A mother./But all her earthly joys are o'er,/Who is and then who is no more/A mother.

  33. Quotation...
    please don't be an enemy....!

  34. Beautiful presentations and great post for P. Happy Wednesday!

  35. Beautiful packaging and lovely cards.

  36. As always your cards are beautiful.I admire your talent immensely.

  37. Hello Mrs Nesbitt, and thank you for visiting my blog last week. I came to visit, but just as I was about to comment, the whole system went down - big problem at BT apparently!

    Your cards are beautiful!

    I love the area where you live too - one of my favourite places is Mulgrave Castle Woods.


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