Friday, October 1


Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55. Pearl introduced me to this and this week I am using a new recipe – see what you think!


Blitz a couple of slices of stale bread in the processor and place in large dish with water – mix until water is absorbed. Boil spagetti until soft. Rinse in cold water and chop into small lengths, place in dish. Add porridge oats and stir until absorbed. Finally add grit and layers pellets now serve!


Yes it is the current winter food I am feeding the hens, a particular favourite of theirs along with rice which you can see Bev tucking into above.

Our neighbours are on holiday a nd I am looking after their hens and cats! (They do not share accomodation! lol) If you remember a few weeks ago we took our two broody hens over to try and encourage them to hatch some chicks. Bev did not succeed and was brought home. Mabel however succeeded and hatched one chick. This morning when I went over to let the hens out she was first out, together with her chick!


Mabel is an excellent mother and will not allow the other hens anywhere near her chick. She will be staying over with the neighbours and raising her chick until further notice. We are not sure what sex the chick is – we will be able to tell in a few weeks when we will be able to choose a name.

The weather here is quite dire at the moment and it looks as though it will continue to rain throughout the weekend so it doesn’t look as though we will be venturing out on the motorbike. My study therefore summons and I will be locking myself away and working on more for my exhibition. October has arrived so I have 21 more days to get a collection together!


  1. hehe...i was starting to wonder there for a second...i am sure they enjoy it...smiles. nice 55.

  2. Nice 55 glad they like their special blend and why share if its something they really like lol. Have a great weekend.

  3. seems you are having a great time with them. the accommodation stuff was good. loved the recipe too :D

  4. Hens?!? And here I was writing this recipe down to try! LOL!

    (I'm still struggling to see how this is a 55-word piece)

  5. Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! The weather here is dire too - must venture out tomorrow :-)

  6. I came over for some pasta and you switched to chicken, lol!!

    How nice that you take the time to make them something they will enjoy!

  7. I was getting a bit worried about that recipe when you mentioned grit! I was thinking of my fillings! LOL!

    I love the fact that your mother hen & chick have gone on holiday! Pity about the weather. Typical British holiday weather. LOL!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. You had me going there. Glad it was the chicks you were cooking for and not the family.

  9. Eric - the 55 words are in italics.

  10. I was thinking "Hmmm. They certainly do like a different type of food over there." You sucked me in. Great 55, Mrs N.

  11. Oh I was thinking that was for dinner.

    What a tasty 55

    Thanks for playing

    moon smiles

  12. You had me going there for a few moments. I read it through two or three times and thought, "She must have left something out." :)

  13. Thank you for coming to visit and leaving a message. It's nice to meet new people.Hope mother and baby are very happy!
    Good luck with the slimming world.
    Lisa x

  14. Your chucks' diet is gourmet! LOL

    Well done Mabel on hatching your chick and looking after it so well.

    It was lovely talking to you yesterday Denise. :)

  15. How nice ! I haven't cooked for my hens-
    not yet-
    lost my setter to fox; far and few between these days! thanks-

  16. You had me going then! I was looking forward to a new pasta dish........... :)

  17. Well, that's a relief. For a moment I thought that's taking diet food too far!


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