Monday, October 11


Today's Inspirational Quote:
"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live
your life so that when you die, the world cries and you







We have had a good weekend really. As ever the gloomy, misty, foggy weather was coastal, so on Sunday we headed over to Richmond, North Yorkshire. As we approached the town a motorbike overtook us and when we stopped at the traffic lights said to follow him for a place to have a cup of tea. We found ourselves next to the river and had a lovely rest. I did have a strange sandwich – no butter just dry slices of bread, a slice of meat and an onion! Oh well – good job I am on a diet! lol! Total lost so fay 6lb!

A busy week so best I get going and kick the day into action!


  1. Stunning photos. You don't mind Monday morning so much when you've had a good weekend!
    Lisa x

  2. Great shots Denise. The weather here this weekend has been glorious!

    PS I've booked for Peter to drive Tornado on his birthday at the end of this month - he's overjoyed!

  3. Walked by these very falls this afternoon.

  4. Glorious photos! The weather here was wonderful, too - very summery :-)

  5. Great pictures - we must go there this year! I love the biker fellowship for finding teastops- but that Sarnie does sound wierd! Well done on the losses - you're going great guns!

  6. Lovely photo's!!

    I too am on a diet and have lost 6lb!!!! But today I have fallen off the wagon- wikky and chocolate hobnobs, and particularly trying day with mum!! Hey ho! At least I have gone up two holes on my jeans' belt! Horray!!!!! Maybe we can keep each other going?

  7. I LOVE the quote, Denise! How lucky are you to have had the chance to see such beautiful scenery! Pop over to see my M post - already up - but don't feel too bad for me because I aim to be meeting up with you in a bout a year or less!

  8. raw beauty hard to stay put in all that grandeur!!

  9. Lovely scenery. It's been pretty misty here too but at least it's stayed dry so the farmer can get on the tractor!

    CJ xx

  10. The water and the rocks (which look as if someone stacked them up), they really do it for me. Thanks!


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