Monday, June 28

Macro Monday!

I have seen this meme and so wanted to give it a try! It will be the perfect opportunity to experiment with my new camera!

So today…the perfect egg sandwich!

Any meal depends on the finest ingredients so chop up 4 softly boiled eggs laid only this morning! Add some of our very own chives and place on fresh bread spread with butter or mayonnaise!


On the other slice add some fresh lettuce! Picked only yesterday!


Place both slices together and cut into portions!



Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich? You do don’t you?


  1. Wonderful! Your new camera is paying dividends already :-)

  2. jabblog

    Why thank you - it has the settings I need for macro shots so I am well pleased with it! Tell me when you have had enough! lol!

  3. I'd love that sandwich right now!! great shots, enjoy your new camera.

    Macro Monday

  4. i would like one now...
    along with a hot cup of tea, thank you.

    great job~ food is very difficult to photograph.

  5. Great shot...gotta go now and fix me an egg sandwich! LOL

  6. Hello! Thank you for your comments on my blog - I came over to have a read of yours and discovered you posting about my most favourite sandwich of all time.......

    I didn't have an egg sarnie today, but now I want one soooooooooooooooooo darn much! I may have to go and make one right now.

    Green Jeannie who is hungry ;0D

  7. Yes, yes I do! I haven't had breakfast and it's time for lunch. :)
    Super shots, welcome to Macro Monday!

    (Carletta's Captures)

  8. Well, I had tuna and sweetcorn and in an effort to save calories, I was very stingy on the mayo. As a result I lost most of my sweetcorn, which was gobbled up by 2 waiting dogs.
    Egg tomorrow.....

  9. Yes I do want a sandwich please.
    Have you mastered the printer?

  10. Oh well, I really do want that sandwich! Great photos here Denise.

  11. That sandwich looks scrumptious!

  12. I just now finished supper and YES I am hungry again!! What a great sandwich! I would love to post this on my recipe blog if you permit. And happy 365 days!!

  13. Yummy I like sandwiches! Good tempting macro shot!

  14. Yes I do want a taste. Looks Yummy!

  15. Welcome to the Macro Monday ! It's very nice meme ! I do it already for some time. Your pictures look very yummy, or rather the food, lol !

  16. This looks super delicious. But I'm sure yours is extra-tasty with eggs so freshly laid!

  17. Oh yes I do! Especially when everything is home produced. I LOVE egg sandwiches, , especially when the eggs are done just to the right degree of softness. Looks yummy!

  18. First I want to apologize for being so slow making it around, my son got married over the weekend and the extra house guests involved have made me a little slower than usual.

    Oh yes that made me hungry! Looks yummy!


Thank you for your comments, always nice to know somebody has taken the time to let me know what they think.