Wednesday, June 23

Thinking Aloud! (Skywatch Friday)

I always think the sky is a bit like my moods - not that I am a moody person, but sometimes life can be fluffy and nice so we feel the same - other times there may be a storm brewing and then life can be a bit rough - a bit like a boat on the sea. We sail along and usually all is well...then there are the moments!

I am a great lover of quotations, sayings, and poetry. I subscribe to a couple of daily quotation sites and cast my eyes over them quickly as like most things some are better or more appropriate than others. Yesterday's however made me sit up and listen!

You are the master of your mind
so you can choose to create the results you want.
Remove the weeds of unwanted feeings & undesired outcomes
& plant seeds of positive thoughts.
Then sit back & watch the fruits appear ...
Tip:be patient, otherwise unripe fruit only causes indigestion!

A few days ago something happened which not only annoyed me but upset me deeply! It was something concerning a friend, or at least somebody who I had regarded as a friend. Being the sensitive soul that I am I found myself thinking about what had been said!

As I was so preoccupied with the matter I missed certain things going on around me! The rose which I planted in memory of Dad was in full bloom, yet I had failed to notice. As I sat quietly on the kitchen patio the perfume of the rose allerted my senses and I was so pleased to see the rose in all it's loveliness beckoning me to look at it, in full flower. I bought this specific rose because of it's reliable flowering - it is in bloom on Father's Day! Yes, I had missed Father's Day - a day when I always take time to remember the wonderful time I spent with Dad. When I thought about it however I did feel so much better - positive thoughts I guess!

I had been working in the garden for quite some time - one of the jobs which I find very tedious is the weeding of the patio! It covers quite a large area and takes me a few afternoons. I always listen to the radio as I do the laborious task but as I worked away the words of the quotation came back to me :-

"Remove the weeds of unwanted feeings & undesired outcomes & plant seeds of positive thoughts."

As I worked through the afternoon the hurt I had experienced became lesser and lesser and eventually I felt so much better. I looked at the flowers which had been planted earlier in the season and as I took in their beauty I found myself thinking more positively!

By this time I was looking over the garden and it was about then that the chickens came to see me, and I can never fail to look at the girls without smiling!

The person who hurt me was posessed by a need to lash out at me - and I recognise this, however that is their sad action. I am protected by a wonderful husband a good family and sound friends who have witnessed what has happened knowing I did not deserve what was done. I can move on knowing this but the person involved will not benefit from the same generosity and good feelings.

The following popped up today - says it all!

"Comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama
and the people who create it,
and surround yourself with people who
make you laugh so hard
that you forget the bad and focus solely on the
After all, life is too short to be anything but happy!"

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  1. Lovely flowers shots :D

    Thanks for your comment on my "Birthday's Present" post. You must be excited waiting your new mini printer :D

  2. Thanks Juliana - yes, indeed I am very excited about my mini printer - I saw one over on my friends blog (Weaver of Grass) and I had to have one. It's my birthday next week so the timing was excellent!

  3. What powerful words...funny how sometimes the right words/song/people turn up, and they reckon there are no co-incidences!!! Great Post!!!
    Many Happy Returns for next week...Enjoy your special day...Dzintra♥x

  4. Queen of the armchair
    Yes agree totally - in particular the last quote really sorted out how I was feeling!

  5. What a wonderful post. I'm going to share it with my daughter. She is having 'friend' trouble right now. Excellent points!

  6. BJ

    Thanks, I did think twice about pouring out my soul as I do tend to be an upbeat, positive person but was outraged really, totally outraged, so if anybody can benefit from my humble thoughts it has made the exercise well worthwhile.


  7. someone told me once that even in the bible god says he does not want toxicity in your life-- but I seem to be always forgiving and ocming back for mor..

    Thank goodness you recouped in time to realize the reality of the natural world and all its therapeutic beauty !!

  8. i beati

    Thank you! Good to see you again!

  9. I've just recently found your blog and have only had a chance to read a few recent posts. I'll be back alot! (:

    This post is perfect today. It grabbed me instantly because I have just gone through a similar situation in which someone misunderstood a situation and drew their own conclusions without talking to me about it first. Of course it was all cleared up as soon as I was able to explain my reasons for why I couldn't join in with her on something. All is well, but that quote says it so perfectly:

    Remove the weeds of unwanted feelings & undesired outcomes & plant seeds of positive thoughts... I guess we all can apply this to our lives in one way or another.

    I'd love to put this quote on my blog... do you mind if I do that? Also, I'd love to look at the websites where you find your quotes. Would you be willing to share them on to me?

    Have a great day~ Vicki

  10. I once read or heard somewhere that co-incidence is God's way of remaining invisible. Isn't that just the truth, Denise. Keep smiling!

    Lv Mrs GH.

  11. I so identify with this Denise - similar things have happened to me in the past and sometimes i have let negative thoughts take over my life. It is never worth it - count our blessings - we live in abeautiful place, we have loving friends and family, we have our health - as you say - think positive thoughts and be happy. Love to you from here in the Dales.

  12. Denise, thank you for this very sage post. We only hurt ourselves by dwelling on the wrong done to us and the person who has done the wrong does not deserve our time! Your photos are beautiful especially the rose!
    Blessings and smiles

  13. So glad you've put the "incident" behind you. You were a true friend and did your best by giving lots of help and support when it was needed. Time now to get on with your wonderful life with those who are lucky enough to know you, love you and appreciate you, and live life to the full as we know you will. xx

  14. Vicki -

    have sent you the link!

    Mrs GH
    Thank you,

    So reassuring to know stuff happens to us all!


    What a great friend you are - yes we will have lots to share and laugh at in the good times to come!

  15. Great post, Mrs Nesbitt. I had the same experiences as you had, both with the "misunderstanding" and the comfort found in plants and animals (my ex-husband and I owned an old farm in Belgium).

  16. Maria
    I totally agree with what you say re comfort from plants and animals I have never had a plant or animal swear at me or shout! lol! Dx

  17. Good post Denise. Sometimes these things happen to us so that they make all the good things such a great contrast and so much more of a blessing. You are loved by many people, even those of us who don't know you personally. One thing's for sure who ever was responsible certainly isn't feeling as good about herself as you are today.
    Incidentally, I love your chooks too. They always make me smile. Such funny things they are.

  18. Your photos are just stunning. The first is like a painting - beautiful! The rose is splendid - I can imagine the scent.
    It's hard to let go of the pain caused by others but experiences like yours in your garden help to put everything into perspective.
    Love the chickens!

  19. The people that hurt us have hurt themselves more whether they know it or not. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to move on, focus on the beauty in our own lives and realize how blessed we are. Great post and gorgeous photos, Denise! And lovely words to go with them! Have a great weekend!


  20. I love that empty patch of beach there. A good place for a meditative walk.

  21. Beautiful photos and I enjoyed reading the quotes. It is better to think on good things. My mind can really undo me and I have the choice to dwell on the things that will be good for me in the end...
    I'll be watching the England - Germany game on Sunday and cheering you on :0)

  22. I think that quote tells you all you need to know especially after the therapeutic experience in your garden xx

  23. Beautiful post and quote! I love the beach scene, very pretty. And the flowers are just gorgeous! Happy skywatching!

  24. Like the qoutes, and your photos are awesome. Most of all the yellow roses you plant for your Dads memory. Happy weekend!

    SWF~Tell me~

  25. A beautiful post, Denise. Your writing is so easy to read and always apt. I always enjoy your beach photos. And what great beaches you have.

  26. Lovely beach scene. That and the quote are like a breath of fresh sea air.


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